“I’m in Love” & “Yes, It’s Really Us Singing: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Concert Special!” Season 4 Episode 17 & 18 ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review

It’s the series finale where we find out who Rebecca chooses!… or do we? Join Briana Phipps and Nino Llanera to discuss the special 2 part finale of Crazy Ex Girlfriend! We want to know what you thought of the ending! Are you excited for Rebecca to create her music? Did you wish she chose Nathaniel or Josh?! What does the future hold for her and Greg… if anything…? We talk about it all as well as break down the impact and importance of shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in our society. Join us! 

If you like dark musical comedies about social issues and mental health then your definitely going to want to check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! The panel discuss new episodes every week while breaking down the deeper points of the show. They also have fun special segments and news and gossip to keep you updated on all things going on in the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend universe!

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