‘iCarly’ Revival Season 2: Episode Recap!

Remember a little show called ‘iCarly’? Of course, you do! If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you know that it has been revived in a more adult version and is being streamed on Paramount Plus. While we wait for the 3rd season premiere, we’re giving you a refresher on each episode from Season 2!

1. iGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now

Season 2 starts with Carly’s breakup with her ex, Wes, which, in turn, makes him hate her and turn the internet against her. As a response, Freddie and she decide to stage a fake relationship in order to win the fans back and prove that she is capable of being in a relationship. Although we almost saw the two kiss in front of ‘Creddie’ shippers, including Freddie’s mother Marissa, they talk more about their feelings for one another as the episode continues, and even some romantic tension is expressed as the two almost kiss at some point. The episode finishes with the two breaking up, and letting the viewers realize that they still have some sort of feelings for one another.

2. iObject, Lewbert!

In episode 2, we see Carly being served to appear in court, where she is accused of having hurt Lewbert while filming the old iCarly web series. She enlists the help of her brother Spencer and friend Freddie to appear before the judge to present her side. In this episode, we get guest appearances from characters like Lewbert, Chuck, and Guppy, just a few of the many frenemies and friends in the iCarly universe.

3. i’M Wild and Crazy

For episode three, the characters play a game of Never Have I Ever, in which Carly is said to not be fun and outgoing. In order to prove to her friend Harper that she can be wild and fun, they both plan a night out on the town. They attempt to pregame before heading out of their apartment, and Harper tries to give Carly an organic club drug to make the night better. After heading to a club and getting drinks, Carly attempts to make a move on the bartender by giving him her number, and when Harper instructs her to keep acting crazy, Carly eventually kisses a guy at the bar named Nick. The two attempt many other crazy adventures throughout the night, but eventually, Harper confesses that the club drug was a vitamin pill, the stranger she kissed was Harper’s dentist, and the drinks were actually non-alcoholic.

4. iHire a New Assistant

Carly’s grandfather comes to town for a family visit in episode 4, and she decides it would be a great idea to have him be her assistant. Meanwhile, Harper decides to check Freddie’s birth chart, and in turn, they discover they make the perfect match according to the stars. Carly’s grandfather, and now assistant, makes the mistake of sending a passive aggressive text to Harper, which leaves her to believe Carly is mad at her, and also replies angrily to the iCarly comments from her computer. Later he records an episode of the show with Milicent, Freddie’s daughter, where he shows his coin collection. Vinnie, an old friend of their grandfathers, sees the segment and threatens him over the coins, which it turns out Grandad stole from him. In an attempt to solve the issue, Spencer invites his grandfather and his friend Vinnie to salsa night at ‘Shay What?!’ where Spencer wears custom made coin slacks, which are then given to Vinnie by Carly as he threatens her grandfather’s life. Her grandfather gets upset that he can’t pass the coins down when in fact, Spencer tells them he still can as they’re attached to the wall and explains that the coins on the slacks were fake. Even though Carly has to fire her Grandfather as her assistant the episode still gets a happy ending.

5. iCupid

In hopes of finding Spencer a partner to settle down with, Carly goes out of her way to search for a matchmaker. MacKenna Donatacci appears to try and help Spencer find a partner, but in turn, the plan fails as both develop feelings for one another instead. In turn, because of her reputation, Carly tries to suggest that Spencer is the one for her but realizes that their bond is getting in the way of him breaking out and getting back into the dating scene. Freddie also attempts to move out on his own, but it does not seem like it will be easy.


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6. iBuild a Team

With Carly in need of a manager to up her channel, Freddie and the candidate butt heads as they try to help Carly. She tries to come up with a solution for both, as they will be working together. The other part of the episode follows Spencer trying to impress a tough food critic as he puts Harper in charge of creating uniform designs for the restaurant.

7. iDragged Him

Tensions thicken as the Shay siblings get the opportunity to audition for a competition show. Spencer’s tactics get in the way of both getting through the audition, leading them to find common ground. Harper is invited to help style a Hollywood icon drag night, which starts rocky but gets better towards the end as Freddie helps his daughter, Milicent, with her Model UN Tournament.

8. i’M a USA Bae

Carly gets the chance of a lifetime as she will be a ‘USA Bae Doll,’ but when the mockup designs for the ‘Influencer’ doll don’t align with her and her beliefs, she must think about what message she wants to put out in the world for the younger generation. Spencer tries to help Freddie by getting him a pet monkey to help solve his relationship troubles.

9. iHit Something

As a victim of a trending prank, Carly sets out to find a source of anger management with Harper. As a result, they happen to find themselves in an underground influencer fight club. As they wonder about the fight club, Spencer and Freddie help Milicent with a boy problem.

10. iThrow a Flawless Murder Mystery Party

During the season finale, we see that Freddie’s current girlfriend, Pearl, struggles to throw him the perfect birthday party. In hopes of helping him have the best of all birthdays, Carly decides to help Pearl and changes it to a murder mystery themed party, which doesn’t go as well as she hoped. Also, Spencer and Harper intend to leave the party to find new dating partners and find themselves in a predicament. The episode ends with Pearl breaking up with Freddie stating that it’s obvious that Carly and Freddie are in love with each other.

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