‘iCarly’ Gets Renewed!

iCarly has been renewed for a second season! Here’s what we loved about season 1.

The iCarly reboot has been renewed for a second season and fans couldn’t be happier.

The reboot premiered on Paramount+ on June 17th and has had weekly episodes come out every Thursday.

The series is set with Carly Shay in her mid-twenties as she starts up iCarly once again. It follows old characters like Freddie and Spencer as well as new characters like Carly’s roommate Harper and Freddie’s daughter Millicent.

One of the things the reboot has done best is it’s grown up with its audience. iCarly went off the air in 2012, almost a decade ago. Most of the fans who grew up with the show are in their late teens and twenties now, so watching a kids show just isn’t something they’d do.

But iCarly kept up with their audience and has Carly and the gang going through the same quirky relatable issues as their audience. They have hookups, drink alcohol, swear, and do all the things twenty-somethings would do.

The show feels natural because it’s not trying to make itself something it’s not. They’re not trying to cram themselves into a filled market for an age group they satisfied a decade ago. They’ve grown up with their fans and cratered to what they wanted. After all, the fans are half the reason they have a reboot in the first place.

And they’re half the reason the show got renewed. After just seven episodes, iCarly was renewed for a second season.

As far as how season 2 will go, Paramount+ released in a press release that the show will begin production in the fall.

Season 1 has not finished streaming on Paramount+ so it’s hard to make guesses as to what the plot will be for this next season. However, the core group of Carly, Harper, Spencer, Freddie, and Millicent will most likely all be reviving their roles for this second season.

We look forward to streaming season 2 when it comes out. In the meantime, you can stream iCarly on Paramount+!

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