I Have a Dreamer – S5 E15 ‘Supergirl’ Recap & Review

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We’ve all heard of Superman but have you ever heard of Supergirl? Meet 12-year-old Kara Zor-El who escapes Planet Krypton to find protection and live a normal life on planet Earth.In the SUPERGIRL AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we will discuss some of the best moments in the show while including recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes with the insider scoop from cast and crew members.

Episode Recap

On this weeks CW’s SUPERGIRL – SEASON 5 – EPISODE 15 – REALITY BYTES – Yvette, Nia Nal’s roommate is attacked by a transphobic bigot set out on hurting Dreamer.  Yvette sets up an Upswingz account and as most people do exaggerates to get more attention.  She exaggerates her relationship with Dreamer which is the catalyst of the attack, fueled by Gregory Bauer’s own hate, bigotry, and prejudice.  Yvette, who unbeknownst is roommates with Dreamer, is attacked and left with a message “The world doesn’t want a trans superhero, so crawl back from the rock you came from or i’ll keep attacking people like you.”  I don’t know where “Gregory” gets off knowing what the rest of us want, however Nia is not happy.  Kara and team do their best to calm her down.  She gives them 3 hours to figure it out or she will do it “her way”.  Her way consists of her beating the crap out of Gregory, which he deserved, psychoanalyzing the psycho, and almost killing him (which he deserved as well – but Nia didn’t thank goodness.)
Meanwhile Alex and Jonn are on the trail for Trevor who’s brother is concerned he is a missing person.  We find Trevor had a virtual affair using Obsidian Platinum and the husband was not too happy.  He trapped Trevor in a loophole using his computer engineering knowledge and Trevor has cheated and cant get out.  Alex goes in, while Jonn follows the clues in the real world.  Thanks to Alex’s strong will and Jonn’s strong mind, Trevor is saved.  Kelly ‘was a part of it too’ as she played Felecity to Alex’s arrow.
Finally we get the date we need but not the one we deserved as Kara goes on a date with William.  The date is semi anti-climactic as they play pool and Kara has to leave.  I am sure we will get more of this couple, the question is do we want more?
All this and more.  Stay tuned.

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