“I Deserve My Happiness; Don’t Feel Bad For Me” Season 2 Episodes 9 & 10 ‘Teen Mom Young & Pregnant’ Review & Recap

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In episode 9, we see Briana childproof her house after Brayson starts getting into everything, despite his disability. Kayla has a tough time will Luke is away at school, and its been a year since Kiaya has seen her ex in jail. Bar will not stop calling Ashley while she’s away, and ultimately shuts her phone off. Rachel sneaks ex boyfriend Drew into meeting her daughter Hazelee. Episode 10 shows Brianna struggling with ex issues, as well as Kayla changing her sons last name from her ex’s to her own. Rachel battles between ex Drew and breaks up with Jacob. Kiaya and Teazah struggle further about her ex in jail, and Ashley deals with Bar getting face tats. Who brings their baby daughter to get face tats?
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