How to Possibly Have Another Season of ‘Shogun’!

‘Shogun’ season 2 might not be as impossible as everyone thought. Here are is how the popular show could continue on. 

As Shogun ended it left fans wishing there could be a season 2 of the hit show. While it has been known that the show was only meant to be a 10 episode mini-series, there is a way the show could continue.

Nobody could imagine the impact this show would cause. It was a perfect storyline with a perfect cast, and a lot of fans are wondering if it is possible to get another without messing up the essence of the show.

James Clavell, the author of Shogun, also wrote different books in his “Asian Saga”. There might be hope for a second season to be released because in 1993 Gai-jin was published which is the sequel of Shogun. This sequel takes place in 1862, 160 years after the events of Toranaga’s efforts to restore peace in Japan.

This could be the way fans could get a season 2, even though it would not be with the same characters. However, it could definitely include the same director and producer Hiroyuki Sanada, the actor who plays Toranaga.

There are many opportunities to make a second season very exciting and successful because Gai-jin shows a different Japan. Everything has changed and now Japan’s political powers are different. There are more foreigners and Japan is no longer the unknown land it used to be, but the power of the Shogun starts to weaken and the clans or factions want to restore the emperor. This means that a great battle is going to happen and that would definitely be exciting to watch.

It still needs to be confirmed by the director and producers but hopefully fans get the answer they want, because it would be a shame not to continue this incredible show.

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