How to Celebrate Your Birthday Like Our Favorite Celebrities!

Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, and other iconic stars know a thing or two about throwing birthday bashes, and we’re sharing all their best tips!

Birthdays are a big deal, and our favorite celebs know how to party it up on their special days. Need some new birthday party inspo? We’ve got you covered – well actually these celebrities do! Keep scrolling for some of the best birthday parties we’ve seen yet!

Justin Bieber’s Island

The “Yummy” singer threw the most delicious birthday party for his 21st. He rented an entire island in the Caribbean just for him and his friends. Talk about celebrating in style! Although it’s unlikely that you will rent a whole island for one party, we’re taking Bieber’s tip on partying it up somewhere tropical. Who doesn’t love a good destination vacation with some fun in the sun? If you don’t want to break the bank paying for an overpriced trip, we recommend traveling to Florida, the Bahamas, or California where you can still enjoy the beach and good weather just like Bieber.

Beyonce’s 70s Themed Party

Queen B knows how to rock an outfit on and off the stage. For her 35th birthday, Beyonce threw a 70s themed party. We can’t stress this enough, but themes are always a good idea! They’re a super-easy way to pull a party together and add a fun layer to the already joyful day. However, if you emphasize a theme, be prepared to go all out with matching decorations, outfits, and desserts. Your guests will have a blast taking pictures with all the coordinated decor. Eras like the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, are a safe bet for a theme!

Lindsay Hubbard’s Dress-Up Birthday Party

If you’ve watched Summer House, you know how hard Lindsay Hubbard goes for her birthday festivities. This past summer, Hubbard might have thrown her most elaborate party yet! What made this celebration unlike any other? The costumes! Hubbard’s theme for the day was her own personal “twisted fairytale.” All guests were expected to arrive in their most outrageous, over-the-top fairytale-themed outfits. Almost nothing is more fun than dressing up with your besties and Hubbard nailed this idea! Of course, you don’t have to go as all-out as the queen of birthdays did, but a fun tutu or wig is a great way to spice up an event.


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Watch the clip below for more of the hub house’s iconic birthday tips!


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Kristen Bell’s Furry Friends

You’re never too old for a petting zoo! Including furry friends is an exciting and often unexpected element of a birthday party. Avid animal lover Kristen Bell got a small dose of how good it feels to have loving animals around for a special day. A sloth habitat was set up for her birthday party, and Bell was so excited that she broke down and cried. Small or large, all animal sizes are welcome, and we promise that these cute creatures will bring a big smile to all of your guests’ faces!

Kylie Jenner’s Carnival For Stormi

If you’re going to take notes on any particular celebrities’ birthday bashes, the Kardashian clan is a good place to start. Nobody throws a party quite like Kylie Jenner. In 2019, Jenner planned an elaborate carnival party for her daughter Stormi. The party included games, activities, and prizes! A pro birthday thrower knows that you have to keep your guests engaged and happy at all times.

Paris Hilton’s Sliving Birthday

Paris Hilton held a “sliving theme” birthday party in LA at her very own Slivington Manor. Hilton devised the word “sliving,” a combo of the words “slaying” and “killing it.” Basically, it means someone who’s living an amazing life while looking fabulous. Everything and we mean everything at this party was sliving themed. From the fancy cars to giant balloons, to the rose photo wall, Hilton’s word was printed everywhere. We recommend taking your favorite word or inventing one to center your party around. Themed parties are easy, so if you’re up for a challenge, get creative with your birthday word!

Taylor Swift and Alana Haim’s Joint Party

Don’t like being the center of attention? Throw a joint b-day party with your BFF! Taylor Swift and Alana Haim celebrated both their birthdays together with the rest of their squad. It’s always nice to share the spotlight with a close friend, especially when you’ve even done it on tour before like these two. The musicians even got two cakes which we highly recommend!


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Lindsay Lohan’s A-list Guest List

For her 20th birthday, Lohan threw herself a big bash and invited celebs like Owen Wilson and Nicole Richie. It’s important that only the best attend your party. By A-list guests, we don’t mean that you need to invite people like John Legend or Kim Kardashian, although that would be cool! We’re talking about the best kind of A-listers around, family and friends. Your birthday should be filled with the people you love most because you want people who are excited to celebrate you on your special day!

Next time you’re planning a birthday soiree for you or your friends, remember to keep these tips in mind!

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