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Sarah Hoffmeister will be starring alongside Katie Holmes in the upcoming drama “The Secret: Dare to Dream,” based off of the best-selling novel of the same name. Sarah plays ‘Missy Wells,’ the daughter of Holmes’ character ‘Miranda Wells.’ The family is hitting hard times as they recovering from the death of their husband and father. Along the way, Miranda Wells meets Bray Johnson (Josh Lucas) who helps to transform their lives. We see Sarah’s character, Missy, transform from a brooding, angsty teenager into an optimistic daughter who really helps her mother into the relationship with Bray Johnson, convincing her to see the turning points that are appearing in their lives. Sarah booked the role off of a single self-tape audition and thrived on set. When they wrapped, Katie Holmes gifted her with a bracelet and a book of poems, telling her that she had a “beautiful career ahead of her.” While this is Sarah’s first major film role, the young actress can be seen as a guest star on season two of Fox’s hit TV show “9-1-1” as ‘Jamie Cohen.’ Sarah has built her career from the ground up, starting with community theater before graduating to national commercials and short films before her feature film debut. As her career continues to flourish, Sarah hopes to one day work alongside Margot Robbie and Emma Stone, as she admires their versatility, and aims to play a character in an apocalyptic or suspenseful project. Growing up on the beach, Sarah Hoffmeister is an avid surfer. When she isn’t acting, her and her friends volunteer at A Walk on Water (AWOW), which offers surf therapy for children with physical and mental disabilities. She hopes to become more involved with environmental efforts as she experiences the litter first hand while surfing. She is also very passionate about helping animals, and aims to become involved with STAR Eco Station, an LA-based organization that helps exotic animals after they are smuggled into the country. She also participates in aiding hurricane relief efforts through her church youth group. Sarah is also involved in her church’s youth group band by playing the guitar and singing. Those are two hobbies that she loves to do outside of youth group as well as play the piano. What little free time she does have left, Sarah enjoys spending it at the beach. As a member of her high school’s surf team, she frequently gets up early in the mornings to take to the ocean and practice. Sarah aims to use her financial stability from acting to give back to the environment and those that are less fortune. She believes that everyone should see the world bigger than themselves and that nothing is going to get done if we don’t begin by helping each other.
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