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Katherine Castro has launched her new video series ‘Somos Good News,’ inspired by John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ via BELatina News. The series highlights feel good, Latinx content, displayed as a true testament to our resilience even in the hardest of times. The starlet is determined to make 2020 a positive one, with the launch of her podcast Talk Fast Listen Slow and partnership with the intimate wellness brand, BLOOMI. ‘Somos Good News’ is hosted by Katherine Castro and longtime friend, Angela Carrasco and sets out to prove that not all news is bad and that among our “new normal,” there are plenty of victories we should all be celebrating. Sasha Merci’s character ‘La Abuela’ will be featured in each episode as well. ‘Somos Good News’ is produced by Lisa Cavalli, directed by Guisell Gomez, and edited by Anto Chavez. Angela Carrasco and Katherine Castro are the fast-talking, unapologetic, quick-witted, power duo co-hosts of Talk Fast, Listen Slow, the new podcast that is poised to become your guilty pleasure. The Los Angeles-based Latinas have been meeting and laughing over coffee in the comfort of each other’s homes for years and decided to make their unfiltered conversations and advice on culture, love, sex, and mental health official and public. TFLS will be the podcast where people can let their guard down and have fun listening to these Latinas discuss dating in LA, entertainment news along with the anxieties we are all facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not one to slow down, Katherine has also partnered up with the intimate wellness brand, BLOOMI which provides sexologist-recommended non-toxic intimate care, hygiene, period and sex positive wellness items that are safe, effective and ‘Bloomi Approved.’ BLOOMI is creating the first ‘Clean Standard’ regulation in the sex health industry with their debut product, the Bloomi Arousal Oil, formulated with botanical aphrodisiacs. Over 40 trusted brands including Fur, Intimina, LELO and Dame Products can be found on the Bloomi Marketplace. Bloomi’s partnership with Katherine will elevate sex positivity, shed light on existing Latinx startups, and is aiming to help close the gap of cultural discrepancy behind startup funding. Both, Katherine and Rebecca are advocating for more women and Latinx investors to join forces to accelerate the brand’s growth and create a more inclusive and robust marketplace. While Latinx-led businesses are growing significantly in the US, access to capital continues to present a major challenge as only 0.4% of VC backed startups are led by Latina Founders. Rebecca is setting out to change this by partnering with progressive, sex-positive investors like Katherine to expand as the premier clean, sustainable, and solution-based destination for all women – especially for women of color – to become the CEOs of their bodies. Katherine has been open about her on-going battle with Hashimoto’s Disease. The autoimmune disease is a disorder in which the immune system turns against the body’s own tissues. In people with Hashimoto’s, the immune system attacks the thyroid which controls metabolism. The first sign of the disease is often an enlarged thyroid, which typically causes the front of the neck to look swollen. However, Katherine has powered through this disease with an amazing support system and strict health regimen. Fitness plays a major role, so she continues to practice Brazilian Martial Arts, Aerial Silk-Trapeze, acrobatic gymnastics with Osei “Axe” Vita (trainer for Willow & Jaden Smith, Taylor Lautner).