How Celebs Are Handling Stress From The 2020 Election

Here’s how celebrities recommend dealing with the stress of this year’s election!

If this election has made you break out the junk food or has you staying up all night staring at the election polls, know that you are not alone. Many celebrities have taken to social media sharing their stress and methods they are using to help handle their election anxiety.

Chrissy Teigen shared how to handle election stress with a video of her “stress cooking” on Twitter. Yet Teigen assured her fans that “everything is fine” at her household.

Food seems to be a common stress reliever for celebrities. Riverdale star Lili Reinhart also took to Twitter to share that she ordered a large amount of food to help her cope with the anxiety of the election, deeming herself as an “emotional eater.”

Actress Emmy Rossum replied in support to Reinhart’s tweet saying, “I had a bowl of zucchini and a bag of cookies. Whatever you need.”

Other celebrities found different coping mechanisms, such as rapper Cardi B.

The “WAP” singer posted a video of her smoking three cigarettes. She captioned her post saying, “How these elections got me watching these states turn red.”


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Our favorite late night host James Cordon also shared a tip on Twitter on how to handle the stress of the election with some simple breathing exercises.

Actress Elizabeth Banks shared how she was coping with her election stress saying, “I’m just pacing back and forth. At least I’m burning off the gallon of ice cream I just ate.”

Rapper Common also shared a tweet with some words of encouragement to those dealing with the stress of the election saying, “If you woke up feeling anxious today, you are not alone. But we will get through this and experience better days ahead.”

With this being an emotional and stressful time for many, we encourage those to take time to relax and take care of their well-being. Whether that be listening to music, watching your favorite movie, or stress baking, it’s important to take care of yourself during these times.

Which celebrity de-stressing method did you like most? Stay tuned for more updates and the latest news on AfterBuzz TV!

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