‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2: 5 Characters That Might Die!

‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 recently premiered on HBO & Max, and fans are already making predictions about what influences George R.R. Martin’s ‘Fire & Blood’ will have on the show, mainly who will survive and who will meet their end. Join us as we tell you who that might be!


In House of the Dragon, we have some idea about what to expect. However, the show has made some unique choices from the book, so anything can happen. Similar to Game of Thrones, this series is known for shocking twists and high stakes. The Targaryen civil war continues to escalate, and several characters are in risky positions. With political intrigue, dragon battles, and imminent death ahead, here are five characters whose fates may be sealed in House of the Dragon season 2!

Rhaenys Targaryen

“The Queen Who Never Was” has had a strong presence throughout House of the Dragon season 2 thus far. She is both politically shrewd and a formidable dragon rider and has been able to navigate Targaryen politics. However, her loyalty to Rhaenyra and her opposition against the Greens puts her in a tough spot. In historic George R.R. Martin format, there will come a battle where both sides suffer heavy losses, and unfortunately, Rhaenys will likely be one of those characters lost to the tides of war. 

With the imminent Dance of Dragons taking place all over Westeros, it wouldn’t be surprising if Rhaenys were one of the dragons to stop their dance.

Ser Criston Cole

In House of the Dragon the rise of the Greens have had lots of their success ride on the “Kingmaker,” one of the key antagonists of the series. After shifting his loyalty from Rhaenyra, his death would make for a significant turning point in the series, displaying the brutal nature of the war. Although Ser Criston Cole has proved himself to be a crucial player, sporting both solid martial prowess and a cunning, strategic mind, he nonetheless is one of the most hated characters in House of the Dragon.

Most deaths in this series will have some semblance of sorrow within them. However, in this case, many will be rejoicing. Knowing Game of Thrones that might not be far out; keep your hopes up because it might just happen this season!

Helaena Targaryen

House of the Dragon loves a tragedy, and that’s precisely what you’d call it if we see the death of Helaena this season. The sister-wife of King Aegon II has been deeply affected by the war. As conflicts continue to rise and rage forward, Halaena’s mental state will, in turn, continue to deteriorate. 

Her death will, unlike Ser Criston Cole, be one of the most sorrowful of House of the Dragon, it would add an entirely new layer of tragedy to season 2, reflecting the toll that the Dance of Dragons has on those closely affected. Hold out hope though, we haven’t seen any prophetic dreams that would prove her demise.

Aemond Targaryen

House of the Dragon also loves to subvert expectations, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they choose to do so by killing Aemond. Proving himself to be one of the most formidable warriors in the series, a battle to the death in the sky would be a fitting end for the one-eyed prince. 

Aemond’s death would be a shocking one, but his rivalry with Lucerys Velaryon escalates even further, and the clock continues to count down until his demise. Whether to his rival or in a showdown with another formidable character in House of the Dragon.

Daemon Targaryen

Lastly, House of the Dragon loves epic fights to the death, and that death would be most fitting for the fan-favorite character. His bravery and ruthlessness have made him a central figure in the war, along with his marriage to Rhaenyra. It would befit him if he followed Rhaenyra’s requests and commands all the way to his death.

There will come a time when Rhaenyra’s requests become too overbearing for Daemon, leading him to his end. Whether it happens on this season of House of the Dragon or not, it will undoubtedly occur in the future. 

Basically what we’re saying is no one is safe in House of the Dragon. The intense drama, shocking twists, and unforgettable fights will deliver most, if not every character to a gruesome fate. In a show like House of the Dragon time is the only thing that separates our favorite characters from their passing, and that terrifies us.

You can catch new episodes of House of the Dragon every Sunday at 9pm EST on HBO and Max!

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