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Parents, your home has probably NEVER felt crazier, and now you’re expected to teach there!? Luckily, professor, public school programming director and former elementary school teacher, Dr. Betsy Kannenberg is here to save the day, with incredible tips to keep you sane during this time. Take a look at the INCREDIBLE list of resources she offers below:




JO BOALER’S YOUCUBED MATH SUPPORT (For Parents Who Struggle With Math):





List of Take-Aways:

1) Develop a daily routine/schedule.

2) Designate a work space with all needed supplies on hand

3) Build in lots of breaks! Kids need movement and exercise. Play outside (if possible) or go to for kid movement break videos (Go Noodle Linked Above).

4) Create checklists/star charts for short tasks so kids can feel productive.

5) Lots of praise and positive reinforcement. It also really helps to praise effort and perseverance vs. “right” or “wrong” answers. Celebrate mistakes as learning opportunities.

6) Chunk tasks where possible if kids get overwhelmed.

7) Build in time for preferred activities (legos, puzzles, dance, music, etc.)

8) Let kids be as independent as possible-it’s okay to let them grapple a bit-they know you are there to support if needed

9) Let the kids teach YOU.

10) Reading for pleasure is a great way to learn! Let kids pick the books they want to read. 

11) Don’t be afraid to reach out to your child’s teacher(s) and school staff for support.

12) Forgiveness and Flexibility: This is an unprecedented time and many families are under a great deal of stress. First and foremost, our kids need to know that they are loved and safe.

13) Kids are amazingly resilient. If they are loved and supported, they will be okay.

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