‘High School Musical Series’ Rising Star Dara Reneé Dishes On Season 2

Dara Reneé from High School Musical: The Musical Series dishes on what to expect when season 2 premieres on Disney+ and why Beyonce is her Idol.   

Season 1 of High School Musical: The Musical Series ended on a high note, and now an early Christmas gift for fans. You can watch High School Musical: The Holiday Special on Disney+. That’s not all, though; fans will be excited to know that season 2 is currently filming.

Benny Adams talked with Dara Reneé, who plays Kourtney Greene on the musical series, on what to expect when the show returns.

“In this season, Kourtney is really going to break out of her shell. This whole season is going to have more songs, and more opportunities for a bunch of characters, and it’s really going to expand on new storylines and a new arc.” Said Reneé. “Courtney’s storyline is fire; I’m just going to say that I can’t say too much, but I’m just grateful to have this opportunity to explore Courtney’s mindset even more during this season.”

An upcoming season 2 isn’t the only big news happening for the series. High School Musical: The Holiday Special is already streaming on Disney+. Due to COVID-19, the special was filmed in a way to protect everyone involved during the pandemic.

“With everything going on, I was really grateful to film the special. We all filmed in our hometowns. We didn’t get to see each other’s performances or hear each other’s songs until a month before the special premiered. I was so amazed by everyone’s talent and everyone going above and beyond.” Said Renee.

Dara’s love of music goes beyond High School Musical. Outside the series, she’s recorded a number of songs that portrays the singer’s outgoing personality.

“I’m a very experimental person. I’m just experimenting with different genres, and I’m just discovering new ways to discover music. I love music so much, and my family is so involved in it. My grandmother was in a group called the Royalettes. I just love discovering music and discovering different cultures through music. I’m having fun, and hopefully, everyone enjoys it.” Said Reneé

When it comes to where she gets her inspiration for her music, Dara has a long list of heavy hitters that have defined the music industry as a whole.

“There are so many artists who have inspired me, and Beyonce is definitely one of them. Homecoming literally changed my life. I listen to that every single day. Also, I love Eartha Kitt; she’s just such a force to be reckoned with. I also love listening to Janelle Monáe and Tupac. I literally have so many people that I look up to. I just appreciate everyone in the music industry. I have someone I look up to in every single genre.” Said Reneé

Don’t expect Dara’s star to fade away anytime soon. The triple threat is making her footprint in the entertainment industry and letting everyone know that she’s here to stay.

“I’m working on new music, and I’m also working on writing stories. I love writing stories and scripts about characters that aren’t often talked about or often overlooked in the industry.” Said Reneé.

You can expect to see season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical Series on Disney+ in 2021.

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