HBO ‘Euphoria’ Stars Get Political For Election Week

The season finale of 2020 has arrived. With election day finally here, countless celebrities continue to speak openly about their political views on social media. Among those A-list stars are Euphoria’s Zendaya. Not only did she post information about voting and polling places on her Instagram story today, but she took to Twitter.

Her message? To “vote this mf out.” An obvious reference to incumbent President Donald Trump.

The award-winning actress is stunning as usual, but this time, she’s on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong. The 24-year-old Euphoria star graced the cover of the magazine’s November issue which was curated with a special focus on the voice of Generation Z.

Zendaya wore Louis Vuitton for the cover but appears in several different pieces for the feature story. She exclusively spoke with Vogue Hong Kong about her rise to fame at a young age and how she manages the stardom. The actress and singer also discussed her Emmy win and her role in the soon-to-be-released blockbuster, Dune. The November issue of the magazine is available today.

Following her fictional big sister’s footsteps, Storm Reid who plays Rue’s little sister in Euphoria shared resources and information regarding the election on her Instagram story. Reid uploaded a video earlier this week describing her Halloween costume as “voter chic.”

“Ya’ll this is my Halloween costume. This is the best ya’ll gonna get out of me this year. Call it voter chic if you want to,” the actress told the camera while wearing a t-shirt reading vote. “Don’t forget to vote, this is important. This is most important.”

The young activist also posted a video on her Insta feed from a project she worked on with the organization When We All Vote. The short clip, which features narration from former First Lady Michelle Obama, includes other familiar like social media personality Liza Koshy. The video encourages women to vote in this election and serves as a reminder of the equality many women continue to fight for.

Before these more politically motivated posts, the 17-year-old Euphoria actress also shared a behind-the-scenes clip and black and white photo from her photoshoot with Miu Miu. Reid was enlisted for the fashion line’s new Icon campaign. She thanked Prada, which owns the subsidiary, as well the entire Miu Miu team. She was styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and led under the creative direction of Katie Eleanor Grand. The photoshoot happened back at the beginning of October in Los Angeles, but photos have only recently been shared online.

While Reid was picking pumpkins with her boo, Sayeed Shahidi, a day ago, Sydney Sweeney spent the final days of the spooky season on set in Hawaii. The actress has been there for over a week, working on the production of the HBO limited series, The White Lotus. This week, the 23-year-old actress first posted a stunning photo of herself in a two-piece bikini, enjoying a makeshift swing. She described the location as her “happy place.”

And if you thought Sweeney was already involved in a lot of projects these last few months, then you should know the actress isn’t slowing down. She eagerly announced her role in a new crime-drama just one week ago. The Euphoria regular will portray a pregnant 19-year-old in the upcoming film Silver Star, a movie that tells the story of an unlikely, tragic couple.

Maude Apatow motivated her Instagram followers to participate on election day with a series of photos in her Les Misérable sweater because “these last four years have been les misérable.” The 22-year-old also added “PLEASE VOTE,” at the end of her caption.

Fellow HBO actors Hunter Schafer (Jules Vaughn), Barbie Ferreira (Kat Hernandez), and Alexa Dieme (Maddy Perez) all appeared in separate Instagram stories dressed in costumes for Halloween! Jacob Elordi was also spotted with current love interest and model Kaia Gerber on Tommy Dorfman’s Instagram feed. The couple was dressed as Elvis and Priscilla Presley for Halloween, which they spent with friends.

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