Haters Are Gonna Hate! Jesse Throws Major Shade After Darcy & Stacey Spin-off Announcement

YouTube video

90 Day Fiancé has become such a phenomenon, there’s no way we wouldn’t jump on board and get hooked!

Luckily all of us here at AfterBuzz TV haveput a whole team behind this great series in the form of after shows for all spin-offs as well as daily short-form news and a weekly long-form news show!

Robert trolls the internet about Annie giving birth; Aladin reveals his new bae; Anfisa is back on the market; Ashley shares who has custody of her kids; Elizabeth finds her wedding dress and more! Hosts Linda Antwi @lindaissogirlie and Ashley Bowden @mizzashleymarie weigh in on this week’s 90 Day News and Gossip!

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