Harry Styles Outfits Fans Are Crazy About!

Harry Styles has made a staple in fashion working with Harry Lambert, Alessandro Michele, and Gucci to create his looks. Let’s dig deeper into understanding what outfits fans can’t get enough of and why!

As we all know, Harry Styles is known for many things– his singing, song writing, and acting. He has such a strong, loyal fanbase that everything he does is regularly being talked about.

One thing we haven’t mentioned yet is that he is also very well known for his fashion. Let’s dig into some of our favorite outfits we have seen him wear in the time of his career.


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This outfit emphasized the whole idea of “Love on Tour ”, given the hearts all over. The hearts represent the love that Styles constantly gives to his fans. Another fun fact about why fans were in awe with this look is by virtue of his overalls. There is an ongoing joke about how Styles wears such high waisted pants that they couldn’t possibly get any higher. Now, here he is wearing overalls, representing the joke and connecting with his supporters.


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Throughout his three released albums thus far, Styles is constantly referring to different fruits in his music. His first, and self titled album Harry Styles (2017) showed the first appearance of a fruit related title with his song “Kiwi”. In the 2019 album, Fine Line there are two different songs titled in reference to fruit– “Watermelon Sugar” and “Cherry”. Lastly, in his most recent album Harry’s House (2022) he released his song “Grapejuice”. There is a common theme throughout his albums to have at least one relation to a type of fruit, as he then wears these different kinds of fruits as an accessory, or on his clothes during his performances. During his Fine Line tour, the general admission pits were named after the two fruits mentioned in the album. There was a watermelon pit, as well as a cherry pit.

In sight of this, fans go bananas when they see him dressed wearing something relating to fruit because Harry is not only Harry Styles now; he has also picked up the nickname of “Fruit Man”. This has become a funny (not so little) inside joke his fanbase has.

After each show, Harry Lambert (one of Styles main stylists), will post a picture of the outfit Styles wore that night. Fans take this information, and it helps them speculate what he might possibly wear for his following performance.

People are so curious as to what he will be wearing next that it has become a trend for harries (his fanbase) to dress up the way they expect him to dress for that night’s concert. They guess what color he may be wearing, what style, and more.

Some harries will dress like his past concerts as well. For example, people have remade his past Coachella outfits, and people even put their kids in Harry replica outfits!

People take his fashion statements as him possibly dropping an easter egg on what could be coming up, or currently happening. The crowd starts jumping to conclusions about his personal life.


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Harry has collaborated with Gucci, making a clothing line named HA HA HA that will be released in October 2022. Alessandro Michele is the creative director for Gucci, as well as this clothing line, in which HA HA HA comes from Styles’ and Michele’s first name initials combined. Harry Styles wore one of their designs to the Venice Film Festival for the Don’t Worry Darling premiere on September 5th, 2022.


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Harry Styles has become so in touch with the fashion world as he has continued to grow in the music industry. It has become a distinguished statement in his career as he has influenced many people with his outfit choices. It has come to a point where books are being published about his fashion statements. The book “Harry Styles: And The Clothes He Wears” by Terry Newman is being sold at stores such as Urban Outfitters and Barnes and Noble. Styles uses his fashion as one of many creative ways to build a stronger bond between him and his fans.

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