Harley Quinn S2 E9-13 Recaps & After Shows: “Season 2 Finale!”

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Harley Quinn has broken up with the Joker, and ready to wreak havoc on Gotham to prove that she can be the greatest, or maybe the worst villain they’ve ever seen! Tune in to THE AFTERBUZZ TV HARLEY QUINN AFTER SHOW PODCAST, as hosts Tehran (@IAmTehran) andChauncey K. Robinson (@MsChaunceyKR) dig into the new star-studded animated series on DC Universe!

On this weeks DC’s HARLEY QUINN – SEASON 2 – EPISODES 9-13
Episode 10 Description (IMDb): Alone on Christmas Eve, Harley reconnects with a now-sane Joker and heads to Wayne Tower, where their dinner is interrupted by an escaped Riddler and ParaDemons.
Episode 11 Description (IMDb): In order to defeat Psycho’s army, Harley & Joker need to track down Fables’ storybook with the Justice League inside.
Episode 12 Description (IMDb): Psycho unleashes a mind-controlled Ivy, Clayface, and King Shark on the Justice League who are trying to free Gotham.
Episode 13 Description (IMDb): Harley crashes Ivy’s wedding to stop Gordon and his officers from interrupting the nuptials.
All this and more on the Afterbuzz Aftershow.  Stay tuned.