Harley Quinn S2 E8 Recap & After Show: “Demented”

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Harley Quinn has broken up with the Joker, and ready to wreak havoc on Gotham to prove that she can be the greatest, or maybe the worst villain they’ve ever seen! Tune in to THE AFTERBUZZ TV HARLEY QUINN AFTER SHOW PODCAST, as hosts Tehran (@IAmTehran) andChauncey K. Robinson (@MsChaunceyKR) dig into the new star-studded animated series on DC Universe!

On this weeks DC’s HARLEY QUINN – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 8 – INNER (PARA) DEMONS  – Harley gets a demon military army from Apokolips, Ivy meets the parents, and Harley tells Ivy what she really wants…a bachelorette party.
We begin the episode with Harley awkwardly trying to stay calm with Ivy.  Harley talks to Ivy about the kiss.  Ivy presumptuously states that it was nothing and Harley awkwardly and reluctantly agrees.  Harley tries to blame it on her impetuous nature.  Ivy goes to dinner with Kiteman’s parents, meeting them for the first time.  Gordon calls the President of the United States in order to have Gotham rejoin the country.  The President says one villain is left, Harley.  Gordon decides to take down Harley as his mission.
Harley, trying to uphold her image, takes Batgirl’s warning as advice to get an army.  Psycho expresses the only army left is the one on Apokolips.  Harley forcefully takes a motherboard from Mister Miracle who is performing at a dinner show and they boom tube to Apokolips.  Darkseid tells Harley he will give her an army but first she must beat Granny Goodness.  Granny Goodness easily beats Harley, as she is gloating over her victory, Psycho takes control of Harley and slams a rock on Granny Goodnesses head.  Darkseid delivers Harley the staff and a para demon army for Harley’s control.
Batgirl warns Gordon about Harley’s massive army, with the advice to just not go to war.  Gordon takes this as to mean he should get an army himself.  He gathers the citizens and rallies up an army.
Meanwhile, Ivy goes to dinner with Kiteman’s parents.  Forgetting to make reservations as Kiteman is eager to please his parents and wants them to like Ivy.  Ivy demonstrates her superpowers which impresses Kiteman’s disappointed parents.  They treat Kiteman with childish disdain, because they both have powers and he does not.  They are happy he is with Ivy, because she has real powers too and does not “pretend”.  They belittle Kiteman, as they leave Ivy tells them off.  Ivy expresses she is lucky to have Kiteman, not the other way around.
Ivy sees the boomtube open and comes in time as the demon army is decapitating and decimating the citizens of Gotham.  Ivy confronts Harley and asks is this what she wants.  Harley realizes she is overcompensating and calls off the army by breaking the staff.  Psycho who was eager to be part of the world domination plan quits the crew when the army is called off.  Harley is about to seemingly reveal her real feelings for Ivy when Kiteman interrupts with his love for Ivy.  When asked what Harley was about to say, Harley states it was in regards to Ivy’s bachelorette party.
All this and more on the Afterbuzz Aftershow.  Stay tuned.