Happy Twin Peaks Day!

February 24th marks Twin Peaks Day, a day to celebrate David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic. And boy are fans celebrating on Twitter!

Grab a cup of coffee! Today, February 24th marks the day Dale Cooper began investigating Laura Palmer’s death in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic series, Twin Peaks. It premiered in 1990 on ABC, and its original run had two seasons.

Set deep in the Pacific Northwest, in the mysterious town of Twin Peaks, the show explores strange and seemingly unexplainable occurrences, revealing that there may be more going on than meets the eye. The show captured the minds and hearts of fans and has been declared a cult classic. So today, celebrities and fans alike are celebrating, and here’s how!

Fans like @FansMadchen are sharing their favorite behind-the-scenes moments. This one features Mädchen Amick behind the scenes as the beloved character Shelly Johnson in Twin Peaks: The Return.

Others, like @underthefan119 are sharing their thanks to David Lynch and Mark Frost:

A lot of amazing art is also being posted! Both @Lulaisintrouble and @brianna_ashby have posted their stunning pieces in celebration:

@PasquinoTp and @TwinPeaksScotia are sharing screencaps from the show:

Pedro Pascal, the lead actor from the smash hit The Mandalorian, shared a tweet and included his own Twin Peaks hashtag in honor of the day:

Which got the attention of the dashing Dale Cooper himself, Kyle MacLachlan. MacLachlan has been celebrating Twin Peaks Day for years, and this year was no different:

And finally, here’s what David Lynch himself had to say in his Daily Weather Report:

So grab yourself a “damn fine cup of coffee,” kick back, and watch some Twin Peaks!

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