“Hail Mary” Season 2 Episode 9 ‘The Purge’ Review

The Purge is almost over! Esme visits The Foundation, Ryan is hard at work busting Tommy out, Marcus and Michelle have a showdown with Clint and his twisted Neighborhood Watch, and Ben tries to lure Turner over to the dark side! All of this and more as we talk about Season 2, Episode 9: “Hail Mary,” so join @TyMatthewsPMA, @ItsJaimiGray and @OllieDreamer, and as always, stay safe!

What would YOU do if it was the Purge? Take out some of your pend up Anger? Revenge? Run and hide? Humanity’s true colors shines when for 12 hours all crime is legal across America in the USA network show The Purge! We’re gonna be right there hiding with you each week for THE PURGE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we discuss and dissect the plotlines, episodes, and characters of The Purge! Tune in for exclusive cast interviews, juicy news and gossip, and a great comedic attitude towards discussing television! Subscribe, rate, comment, like, and SHARE and enjoy the Purge After Show!

During a 12-hour period when all crime — including murder — is legal, a group of seemingly unrelated characters cross paths in a city in an altered America. While the clock winds down, some will fight, some will hide, others will embrace what it means to purge to its fullest extent — whether for revenge, personal gain, protection, or unadulterated glee. As each character is forced to reckon with his or her past and plot how to better their futures, they soon discover how far they will go on Purge Night.