‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot: Details On Production Dates & More

The upcoming ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot is underway with production dates being planned for October. Plus, Kristen Bell will be returning to narrate the series.

If you were a fan of the hit 2000s teen drama series, Gossip Girl, you’re going to want to listen up.

Fans have been anticipating details of the Gossip Girl reboot since it was first announced last year. However, COVID-19 pressed pause on production possibilities, and like most things it was left up in the air.

That is until Variety confirmed the reboot would start New York production in October…just one month away! They report that the series will be filming in New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, but specific filming dates in other locations remain “fluid,” with possibilities of filming taking place at then end of this month. This is exciting news to say the least, so let’s get into what we know so far about the reboot!

Produced by Warner Bros. and CBS Television Studios, the series is set to air on HBO Max in 2021. It will feature 10, hour long episodes filled with plenty of drama and excitement. Taking place in the same world as the original show, the series will be set 8 years after the finale.

Although specifics on the plot are slim, we do know that the original creators of the show, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, are behind the new series! This leaves us in good faith that it’s going to be phenomenal.

In press releases, the two have dished that the new series will not follow the original Gossip Girl characters. Instead, the series will focus on a new set of wealthy, upper east siders.These new teens will face the challenges of dealing with gossip in the age of social media. This timely focus of how social media has changed since the original series is sure to resonate with viewers today.

As for cast, old fans will be relieved to know Kristen Bell will be returning to narrate the series. Having narrated the original show, Bell stated that it was an “easy yes” to return to the series in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The rest of the cast includes Jordan Alexander, Thomas Doherty, Whitney Peak, and Zión Moreno to name a few. Fans are eagerly hoping this cast of ‘up and coming’ stars will be just as good as the OGs.

This being said, original show writer Joshua Safran is also back to work on the new series. Safran has mentioned to press that the new series will make callbacks to past characters. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will be seeing cameos from the original cast!

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