Gordon Ramsay To Open A Cooking School!

Gordon Ramsay is set to open up a cooking school called the Gordon Ramsay Academy early next year

Gordon Ramsay has done pretty much everything you can think of, from owning and running restaurants, to starring in multiple hit cooking reality and competition shows. If all that wasn’t enough, Ramsay is now starting a cooking school.

The Gordon Ramsay Academy is expected to open in Woking, Surrey, early next year. The purpose of the school is to help young aspiring chefs learn, improve, and hone their cooking skills.

“It will be an industry-leading facility, to give people of all ages and cooking abilities the chance to have relaxed and fun cookery classes,” a source told The Sun Newspaper.

In addition to learning from the michelin chef himself, students are also guaranteed a job at the end of their schooling.

“Students will also get work experience in Gordon’s portfolio of restaurants and there will be a guaranteed job at the end of it. It’s a really great idea.”

The school was supposedly going to open this year, but the current coronavirus pandemic has delayed the building’s construction and pushed the opening to 2021.

Ramsay, however, is heavily involved and extremely excited about the new project.

“Gordon Ramsay is super excited about the new academy. Giving space and opportunity to the next generation of British chefs is something he is passionate about.”

Only a few questions remain; will we see this school in a new reality show and will Ramsay be as harsh on his students as he was on the contestants of his shows?

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