Goodbye ‘Shameless’! Cast, Crew, & Fans Bid Farewell.

After eleven seasons and one hundred and thirty four episodes the internet says goodbye to Showtimes’  Shameless.

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Posted On: April 12th, 2021 6:20 pm pst

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Goodbye Shameless

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*Article contains spoilers for the Shameless finale*

And with that the tale of the Gallaghers comes to an end. Following the death of patriarch Frank due to COVID-19, the Gallaghers are finally able to truly move forward with their lives in a positive way. Carl and Arthur plan to turn Frank’s favorite bar, Alibi, into a cop bar after V and Kev decide to sell it and move to Louisville, Kentucky. Lip starts to make preparations to sell his own house and possibly leave the South Side while Ian and Mickey consider adopting a child together, and Debbie might move to Texas. Although we’re saying goodbye to our favorite degenerates after eleven seasons, no one is probably sadder to see the show go than the cast themselves.

William H. Macy who was nominated for several awards for his performance as Frank Gallagher wrote a heartfelt tribute to fans on Twitter. He thanked the audience for following the journey of the Gallaghers so faithfully even when the show went to the extremes. However, despite the insane nature of the family there are still many positive traits to take away from the Gallaghers which William H. Macy notes in his tribute. Macy then left fans with a parting message that they stay, “completely, bravely, and unapologetically, shameless.”

Emma Rose Kenney who has played Debbie since she was ten years old used her photography skills to capture the filming of the last episode. On her photography Instagram, she shared several shots of the cast and crews hard at work. Most notably appearing in the series are William H. Macy playing the ukulele, Jeremy Allen White taking a break from being Lip, and a final shot of Emma herself fully out of the Debbie look for the last time.

V and Kev may have left Chicago in the finale, but Shanola Hampton and Steve Howey who play everyone’s favorite couple are sticking close to their roots on social media. Hampton enthusiastically live tweeted the finale and interacted with fans. She also took the opportunity to answer questions and share tidbits from set including what item she took home after the show wrapped and how misbehaved the Gallaghers really were on location.

Meanwhile, Steve Howey has been keeping his followers updated on the finale through his Instagram by sharing photos on both his story and his main page. He shared a snap of Noel Fisher portraying Mickey Milkovich alongside Jeremy Allen White and Kate Miner in a booth at Alibi. On his Instagram story, he shared candid memories of Shanola Hampton filming her final scenes and called himself lucky to be her friend for the entire run of the show. He topped off the tribute with a photo of Hampton embracing Jeremy Allen White captioned “LOVE.”

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Christian Isaiah who has been a series mainstay as Liam shared a Gallagher family photo on his Instagram. With the cast cuddled up on the couch he captioned the photo, “what a SHAME that I’m going to see this family LESS.”

One of the things that Shameless fans were most excited to see the conclusion of was the relationship between Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich. The pair’s star crossed love story culminated in their marriage at the end of the last season. After everything the two had been through fans were delighted to see a settled down and domestic version of Gallavich this year. By the end of the show’s run, Ian and Mickey are prepared to take the next step to fatherhood and even leave the South Side to raise their family. Noel Fisher who’s fan favorite performance as Mickey elevated him from guest star to a member of the main cast thanked everyone on Twitter. This led to an outpouring of fan replies praising Fisher for his portrayal of the character.

Finally, fans are taking to social media to share their love for Shameless. Some are taking the opportunity to share moments of their favorite characters through the years.

Despite the positive road ahead for many of Shameless’ characters, many are still mourning the loss of Frank Gallagher. The Gallagher patriarch has been the glue holding the family together for eleven years and now that he is gone it is truly the end of an era. One moment that tugged on everyone’s heartstrings was Frank’s stool at Alibi now being empty as Liam looked on.

One more way that fans said their last goodbye was by taking photos of the cast from season one and comparing them to the finale to show how far everyone has come. Even though we’ll miss Shameless, we’re still incredibly grateful for the journey we all got to share with the Gallagher clan.


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