Going Black Season 1 Episode 10 ‘The Oval’ Review & Recap

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Ready for a new soap with a Tyler Perry edge? Then hop into the THE OVAL AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, where we’ll be covering the new soap opera from legendary writer/director/producer Tyler Perry. The Oval weaves a tantalizing and intriguing tale of murder, lies, deception, corruption, and more. Combining Perry’s slick storytelling with modern soap sensibilities, The Oval is sure to be a harrowing and engaging series. Tune in to AfterBuzz TV for more!

Episode Recap

Richard saves Gayle from being raped and talks some sense into her. But Gayle doesn’t stay calm for long when her mother shows up with the secret service to take her back to the white house. Meanwhile Barry returns home to find Sharon there, as well as Tally, an escaped rakadishi member who helped kidnap his daughter, only to lose his cool again , but finally his mom knocks some sense into him , literally, and he finally calms down. Hunter summonsed his mistress Denise to the oval and they have another night of adulterous wild sex, only to be caught by the first lady. Of course a fight ensues. Lilly finally reconnects with Bobby, and Kyle goes on a killing spree.
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