Girlfriend Confidential LA After Show

Girlfriend Confidential LA After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Oxygen’s Girlfriend Confidential LA.

Show Summary: Love is fleeting, but friendships often last forever, including the bond between Eva Marcille, a former winner of “America’s Next Top Model,” and her group of friends. They include actress Denyce Lawton, design diva Nikki Chu, and Kelly Marie Dunn, who is a tiny bundle of beauty and brains and is known as the “Pink Piranha.” The friends form a support group, helping one another find their way through the worlds of love and celebrity life in the epicenter of the cutthroat entertainment industry, Los Angeles. On the relationship side of things, Eva must decide if Anthony, her love interest of nearly a year, will be in her future. In her professional life, she is working hard on her acting career and wants to market herself as an entrepreneur, so she’s not seen as just a model.


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