Get to Know TikTok Stars “The Sway Boys”

Unless you live under a rock, many of you have probably heard of the infamous TikTok stars/ boy group called “The Sway Boys.”

The Sway Boys is a friend group of 7-8 young influencer boys who make dancing videos with their shirts off on TikTok. Yes, you heard that right; their shirts are ALWAYS off. In addition to being the Sway Boys, they all live in the “Sway House.” Some of the most popular Sway Boys include big names like Bryce Hall (21), Josh Richards (18), Noah Beck (19), Blake Gray (19), Griffin Johnson (22), and Jaden Hossler (19). The Sway Boys were brought together by TalentX Entertainment (talent management company) from all over the country to live in a multi-millionaire dollar Belair Mansion to create content on social media. The Sway Boys have to maintain a large following in order to stay in the house and be a part of this quote on quote “fraternity.”

Also known as “Sway,” the group was brought together in January of 2020, around the same time the other super popular content house, known as “The Hype House,” was founded. The two houses spent the first half of 2020 with a rivalry over who can produce the most/best content. As the year went on, many other influencers have tried to emulate these two content houses by creating their own content houses/groups in hopes of rising to fame like Sway. However, no one has done it quite like Sway. The Sway Boys numbers don’t lie with Sway member Josh Richards who has over 22 million followers, and Noah Beck with over 20 million. While all of these guys have begun to grow their followers from the popular app TikTok, they also have accumulated millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and many of them have started Youtube Channels as well. To be a successful social media influencer these days, you need to be active on ALL social platforms, and these boys are the prime example of how to become successful at the social media gig.

Their careers may have started on TikTok, but with their platforms and net worth growing, many of them have also got into podcasting, music, acting, and investing. The quote on quote “leader” and very controversial “Bryce Hall” started a podcast called Capital University where he focuses around topics relating to encouraging social media creators to become successful and invest for long term success. Bryce has already had guest’s on like Mark Cuban from shark tank. That is very impressive. Josh Richards has also gone on to start a podcast with the Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, called Bff’s podcast. However, some Sway Boys have taken a different approach. Sway member, Jaden Hossler has dipped his toes into the music industry. Hossler has released many songs and has been a part of quite a few record labels. And Sway member, Noah Beck has openly expressed his desire to start acting.

Other than their aspiring careers and dancing shirtless on TikTok, you can very often find the Sway Boys excessively working out at the Sway house or running around Los Angeles with female TikTok stars. Bryce Hall has been spotted out kissing Addison Rae. Noah Beck is confirmed to be dating Dixie D’amelio. Josh Richards has had an on and off-again relationship with Nessa Barrett. Jaden Hossler is rumored to be back on with girlfriend Mads Lewis. There is a lot to follow in this TikTok universe, but it is safe to say that all these influencers have become a prominent part of pop culture.

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