Get to Know the S3 Cast of ‘Love Is Blind’ on Social Media!

The latest episodes of Love Is Blind dropped on Netflix, and we’re dying to know how all these relationships will pan out, but fans must wait another week to catch the rest of the episodes leading up to the finale. We’ve already grown impatient waiting for them to drop, but luckily, we’ve found the contestants’ social media to stalk and keep us busy searching for clues until then.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Colleen Reed

The 26-year-old ballet dancer and digital PR strategist stood out to viewers as they were immediately told and reminded over and over again that she was a ballet dancer. She had a few difficulties in the pods before ultimately leaving engaged to Matt. The couple has faced some issues since leaving the pods, and some fans were left seriously worried about the girl after Matt displayed some “red flags,” with many dropping the emoji in her comment section on Instagram. Colleen and Matt do not currently follow one another on Instagram.

@jellybean.colleen on Instagram and @colleenreed7 on TikTok.

Matt Bolten

The 28-year-old private charter sales executive left the pods with Colleen, and while their relationship wasn’t highly passionate in the pods, the two seemed happy after seeing one another in person. The pair’s relationship has been tested during their time outside the pods, with some fiery arguments between the couple after a flirtatious encounter between Colleen and Cole. The two don’t follow each other at this time, and while we can’t say for sure what will happen between them, it’s not looking too bright.

@matt_bolton24 on Instagram.

Raven Ross


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A post shared by Raven Ross (@pilatesbodyraven)

Okay, is anybody surprised at the account name? Aged 29 and a pilates instructor, viewers have had strong opinions on the fitness guru since the show’s start. Raven ultimately left the pod engaged to SK, and while we’re so glad she shut down Bartise in the latest episodes, we still wonder what will transpire in the upcoming ones. Raven and SK do not follow each other on Instagram as of now, but we’re hoping that’s only to throw off fans.

@pilatesbodyraven on TikTok and Instagram.

SK Alagbada

The 34-year-old data engineer from Nigeria left the pod engaged to Raven. Fans felt refreshed by SK’s seemingly goodheartedness, respectfulness and intelligence. SK mentioned his full-ride to graduate school at Berkeley in the episodes, and we get a small glimpse of his life as a student on Instagram. As the couple met families, it was incredibly wholesome to see SK guide Raven in communicating with his mother, and we’re hoping he gets the happily ever after he deserves.

@sk4ever2 on Instagram

Bartise Bowden

Bartise, a 27 senior analyst, has been dubbed the ‘Shake of season 3’ by some viewers online due to his focus on physical appearance despite the show’s premise. After leaving the pods with Nancy and swooning after Raven, it’s unsure what the couple’s future holds, although the two follow each other on Instagram as of now.

@bartiseb on TikTok and Instagram.

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy left the pods last week with Bartise, and viewers were shocked to see her fiance brazenly lusting after Raven after the cast meeting. The 32-year-old real estate investor appeared sweet and genuine in the pods, and her Instagram reveals she is a first-generation college graduate. Go, Nancy! We hope to see some good things for Nancy, and everyone, in the upcoming episodes!

@thenancyrodriguez on TikTok and Instagram.

Zanab Jaffrey


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A post shared by Zanab Jaffrey (@zanabjaffrey)

The 32-year-old realtor and flight attendant Zanab, originally from London, left the pods engaged to Cole. The two bonded quickly over God and family, but things turned rocky once they left the pods. Cole stated his attraction for Colleen in the most recent episodes, shaking up the couple’s relationship. Zanab does not follow Cole’s Instagram as of now.

@zanabjaffrey on TikTok and Instagram.

Cole Barnett

We were seriously rooting for Cole and Zanab, but the two have seemingly struggled to connect in the real world. The 27-year-old realtor has expressed his difficulties after meeting Zanab outside the pods and his attraction to Colleen. “I have to adapt to not what I wanted her to be but who she is,” said Cole. Cole follows Zanab at the moment, but he also follows the entire cast, so we’re not sure this tells us much.

@colebrennanbarnett on Instagram

Alexa Alfia


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A post shared by Alexa Alfia (@alexaalfia)

The 27-year-old insurance agency owner Alexa quickly stole our hearts with her Jewish pride and love for herself. Alexa left the pods engaged to Brennon, and the two seemed to have hit it off from the start. Alexa doesn’t follow Brennon on Instagram, but we’re hoping they’re just trying to throw us off since she posted an adorable flick of the two with a long heartfelt caption.

@alexaalfia on Instagram and @alexadalfia on TikTok.

Brennon Lemieux


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A post shared by Brennon Lemieux (@brennonlemieux)

Brennon is one of the more wholesome men of the season, not hitting on women other than his fiance and being an all-around sweetheart on the show. The 32-year-old water treatment engineer and fiance, Alexa, are one of the more stable pairs of the season, and we hope they can pull through and prove to us that love is actually blind.

@brennonlemieux on Instagram.

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