Get To Know The Lead Actors Of Hulu’s New Show ‘Tell Me Lies’!

It is officially the fall season of binge-watching tv shows, and Hulus Tell Me Lies should be on your list. We are blessed with some new faces on your screens with this fantastic cast! Let’s take a look at who they are.

Grace Van Patten

Patten plays Lucy Albright, an 18-year-old girl beginning her freshman year of college and struggling with internal conflicts about her life after facing hardships in her life, such as the loss of her father. It is a show about her coming of age and facing difficult situations.

Patten 25 years old, is a Scorpio and from New York City. Her first acting debut was in the popular television show, The Sopranos, in 2006. She is known for Under the Silver Lake, The Meyerowitz Stories, and Good Posture. Her father, Van Patten, is also an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. More fun facts about her are that she hopes to own a motorcycle one day. She explained during an interview with W Magazine, Grace said, “I had a mini chopper when I was like, eight years old,” Van Patten recalled fondly. “I really want one here, but it’s kind of pointless in the city.” Patten also recently modeled for Crash Magazine.


Jackson White

White plays Stephen DeMarco, the toxic guy in Albright’s life who is in a love triangle. He is dating Albright but struggles with being truthful and is very manipulative.

White is 26, a Pisces, and from Los Angeles, California. He is the son of actress Katy Sagal and drummer Jack White. He is best known for Mrs. Fletcher, Ambulance, and The Middle. White was enrolled in the music program at the University of Southern California and attended for one year. In an interview, with Esquire, White explained, “Playing a pretty locked-up, repressed character created a lot of tension in me, a lot of physical tension, emotional tension. I felt very closed off. In real life, I’m a really expressive, talkative, emotional person. I talk about everything, I’m very extroverted, and this dude is so locked up and secretive.” he said. White recently posted to Instagram that he loves “cartoons I watch a lot of cartoons.”


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Sonia Mena

Mena plays Pippa, a freshman who is very confident in her sexuality and is in a relationship with popular upperclassman Wrigley. Pippa is baring a huge secret that she must not tell her best friends which creates distance.

Mena is in her 20s and was born in Brooklyn, New York. She was in many plays as a child acting in New York City. Mena is previously known for Freezerburn and Feral. She is active on Instagram and recently did an interview and photoshoot for Junior High, a magazine focused on the safety and expression of female, queer, non-binary, and POC artists.


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Catherine Missal

Missal plays Bree, a freshman who is struggling in her love life and begins getting close to an upperclassman, Evan.
Missal is known for Vacation, Movement and Location, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Missal is 22 years old, a Scorpio, and from New Jersey. She began acting in a community theater at a young age. A fun fact is that she was on Broadway in Marry Poppins and A Tale of Two Cities.

Spencer House

House plays Wrigley, the beloved football player who is dating freshman Pippa. He is wrapped up in the drama of his younger brother Drew.

House is 30 years old and from Texas and a Leo. He is known for Space Force, Teenage Bounty Hunters, Small Engine Repair, and playing Clark on The Society.

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Alicia Crowder

Crowder plays Diana Linder, the picture-perfect driven and ambitious upperclassman. She is in a toxic relationship with Stephen who is secretly with Lucy.

Crowder is 27 years old and is from Los Angeles, California. She is known for playing Erika in The Society, Instinct, and Bleecker. Crowder is active on Instagram showing sneak peeks and behind the scenes for new episodes each week.


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