Get to Know ‘Euphoria’s’ IT Girl, Alexa Demie!

Best known for playing Maddy Perez in Euphoria, Alexa Demie has some hidden talents up her sleeve. Here is everything you need to know about the actress!



The actress who plays the queen of East Highland High School in Euphoria also starred in Jonah Hill’s Mid90s as well as in Trey Edward Shults’ Waves. Not only is the multifaceted film star conquering her kingdom, but she also wears various artistic hats.


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Before her breakout role on Euphoria, the icon, also known as ‘Demiegod,’ dropped her first single, “A Girl Like Me” in 2016. Following her debut, she collaborated with the band Pearl singing in “Turnin’ Tricks.” Her latest was released last September titled, “Leopard Limo.” Along with her dreamy-style music, the music video portrays a Lana Del Rey aesthetic with retro Hollywood glam looks. It was directed by her co-star in Waves and now her close friend, Taylor Russel. During an interview with Cultured Demie revealed, “I played it for Taylor and she started crying. She encouraged me to finish the video, because I shot half of the video in 2017. And so we shot the other half.”


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In an interview with Instyle, Demie reveals her roots of aspiring to work in the fashion world, which explains why we love so much of her style. She recalls that what started off as a high school hobby turned into a sunglasses line called Mainframe, “I was pretty much alone all the time, I would just walk straight home after school, and I would rework vintage frames.” Famous rapper Nicki Minaj showed off her iconic look in her music video, “Massive Attack,” wearing Demie’s custom-made sunglasses. Mainframe also made a cameo on SNL when singer Jennifer Lopez wore them for a skit.

When you think she’s done it all, Demie still has a lot to offer. According to an interview with The New York Times, she said she is working on a film based on her mother’s life story, a makeup artist who immigrated from Mexico to LA as a baby. Demie will portray her mother in her teens growing up in Hollywood in the 80s.

While we can’t wait to see the multi-careered actress continue sharing her talents, we can fill the void by watching all the juicy drama in the upcoming series of Euphoria on HBO Max.

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