“Get Some” Season 1 Episode 3 ‘The Boys’ Review

GET SOME! Translucent’s dead and in a box, we learn some Hero weaknesses, and the Russian Landlord probably wishes that Popclaw had skipped butt day at the Gym! Tons of new story elements for a brand new character named Mother’s Milk, to some insight into the the V Compound does to heroes, as well as a chance encounter between Starlight and Hughie leading to a potential love interest? Join us to talk all about it! Hosting tonight is Tehran von Ghasri and Stephen Lemieux!

Vigilantes killing superheroes?! I’m In! Follow these boys around as they closely monitor the superhero community. Tune in for THE AFTERBUZZ TV THE BOYS AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we figure out what led these superheroes to reckless behavior. Can the boys stop them from compromising the world? With plot discussions, character breakdowns, news and gossip, and special guests – it’s sure to be a fun time. Rate and subscribe to stay up to date on all things The Boys!

About The Boys: In a world in which super-powered “heroes” have become commonplace, they are syndicated, monetized, and marketed by the Vought company. Unfortunately, money and privilege corrupts, and they give in to their darker impulses. A clandestine group of normal-human vigilantes then arises to counter the corrupt “supes”.