Genevieve Padalecki Joins The CW ‘Walker’ Cast As Walker’s Wife

Genevieve Padalecki, Supernatural and Wildfire alumna, will be making her return to acting and what better show to kick it off with then on Jared Padalecki’s new show CW’s Walker the Walker, Texas Ranger!

The CW’s Walker will continue the tradition of the original series focusing on rediscovering our lost common ground. Following the journey of Cordell Walker- Padalecki- returns to Austin, Texas, to discover there is work to be done in his hometown.

Cordell Walker will be paired with a new partner Micki, portrayed by CW’s The 100’s Lindsey Morgan, who is one of the first women in Texas Ranger history.

Genevieve Padalecki will be playing Emily (Jared’s character’s wife) and these two playing a loving couple sounds like a pretty easy gig for these two, don’t you think?

Genevieve headlined ABC’s Wildfire, which was a big start to her career. Following this, she appeared on Supernatural, where she’d meet a certain Sam Winchester [Padalecki].

The two were married in 2010. Genevieve pulled away from acting to pursue motherhood, and also being a huge activist for female empowerment and employment.

Genevieve is so excited to return to the lights and cameras, and we cannot wait to see our favorite Winchester brother get to work with his real-life partner. Are you excited for CW’s Walker? What storylines do you think Walker’s wife will be involved in? Let us know on social media with #CWNewsWeekly.

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