‘General Hospital’ Recap & After Show: Trial and many errors

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General Hospital is about the wealthy Quartermaine family that continues to be a looming presence in the town of Port Charles, with interests in much of the city’s business. Characters come and go, but viewers can always count on at least one Quartermaine or Spencer to create havoc.

Sasha finishes the photo shoot and Valentine and Peter stop by to check out the results.  While Valentine is supposed to be a hands off investor he also knew how important the launch of the new Deception brand is and wanted to see the results.  He also takes a moment to talk with Sasha and understand what it is like to do whatever is needed in the name of love.

Once Valentine leaves, the PA who supplied Sasha a vial of cocaine gives her another before she leaves.  Sasha says that was a one time thing but the PA says to keep it “just in case”.

Sonny and Jason confront Julian at the courthouse about why he married Nelle.  Julian doesn’t reveal anything but ones that he needs to tread carefully with Sonny.

Nikolas stops in at Turning Woods to visit Mike and tell about Spenser.  He runs into Sonny and Jason while leaving and Sonny asks why he hasn’t responded to Spencer’s letter yet.

Elizabeth checks in on Mike and while Sonny is with him she takes a moment to talk with Jason about what she thinks Mike may want.  Given her experience working with Alzheimer’s patients she thinks that a patient like Mike is ready to say goodbye.

Jason shares her thoughts with Sonny who is still wrestling with not being able to have the time to resolve everything he wanted to with Mike.  Jason tells him that Mike loves Sonny and that he would want him to be happy.  Sonny still isn’t ready to let his dad go though.

The invites to Ava’s unveiling of her new painting are going out and Franco and Elizabeth are both struggling with the complicated histories each has with Nikolas and Ava.

Nikolas stops in to visit Laura and deliver flowers.  Lulu is there as well and is still frosty with Nikolas.  He apologizes again about telling Charlotte that he was her personal body guard and also tells both of them a about Spencer’s letter.  Laura tells him if he thinks about Spenser’s needs he will know what to do.  He leaves and calls Spenser and says he has an answer.

Olivia calls a psychic to get help with Dante.  Brook Lynn overhears and thinks Olivia is having an affair at first.  Once the truth comes out Ned realizes that he has been too focused on the ELQ takeover that he failed to notice how much pain Olivia was in.

Robert Scorpio stops by the Quartermaine’s to get contact information for Luke to help with Holly’s supposed death.  While Ned reaches out to Tracy to get Luke’s phone number, Robert consoles Olivia and is able to leave her in better spirits.

Brook Lynn finds out that there is an attempted takeover of ELQ and meets her only manager, Link, to find out who he gave her ELQ shares too.  Link doesn’t want to say but Valentine arrives and tells Link that he’ll take over from there.

Maxie has a meal with Peter but hasn’t ate
much because she is not feeling well and says she will make and appointment with her doctor.

The custody hearing for Wiley continues.  Michael and Willow each take the stand.  Martin asks Michael if he loves Willow.  Michael says that while he loves Willow he is not in love with Willow but they both share a love and commitment to protect Wiley.

Nelle takes that stand and continues to lie about Brad stealing her baby which goes unchecked because there is no one to tell the real story.  Diane makes sure to bring up the assault on Willow and the fake passports for Nelle and Wiley despite the evidence being stolen from PCPD.

Julian takes takes the stand as well to explain why he and Nelle are married.  Diane makes sure to bring up that he held a knife to Alexis’s throat while they were married.

Sam comes to the courthouse to see the trial.  During a recess, Julian steps outside to talk with Sam.  She tells him that he is dead to her after this latest stunt.

Nina arrives and takes the stand to testify for Nelle.  She says she will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

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