‘General Hospital’ for May 11th – May 15th, 2020 After Show: “Wedding bells & blackmail”

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General Hospital is about the wealthy Quartermaine family that continues to be a looming presence in the town of Port Charles, with interests in much of the city’s business. Characters come and go, but viewers can always count on at least one Quartermaine or Spencer to create havoc.

After much discussion Michael and Willow get married.  They are planning on taking the ELQ jet to Vegas but Sonny says they should get married in Port Charles.

Nelle is working on getting more character witnesses and goes to Charlie’s to convince Julian to speak for her.  He declines.

Sasha is still nursing a bruised nose at Charlie’s while talking with Lucy about the very important Deception photo shoot the next day.

Brook Lynn is trying call anyone she can to post bail for her after Chase arrests her.

Trina sees Cyrus at General Hospital and lays into him.  Curtis and Jordan show up and Curtis puts himself in between the two.  Cyrus leaves but takes time to let Jordan know that he’s not done with her.  With Cyrus gone, Trina lays into Curtis for not saving her father.  Trina’s mom tries to convince Trina that she shouldn’t be blaming Curtis but she’s not hearing it.

Lucy gets a call from Sonny to officiate Michael and Willow’s wedding.  She tells Sasha what’s happening and to get rest before the shoot.  Nelle heats this as well and starts freaking out that the marriage could tip the scales of Wiley’s custody hearing in their favor she then steps into the bathroom at Charlie’s.

Julian gets a call from Brook Lynn to bail her out.  He brings her back to Charlie’s where Brook Lynn thanks him for bailing her out and she won’t have to tell Sonny about Julian cutting the brake lines and trying to kill Brad.  Nelle, having somehow stayed in the restroom even after the bar is closed comes out just in time to overhear this conversation.

When Julian and Brook Lynn leave, Nelle
leaves as well to meet her attorney and try to figure out how to deal with Michael and Sasha’s wedding.  After he says that there isn’t anyone who would marry her, Nelle gets an idea and returns to Charlie’s to find Julian and says he is going to want to hear what she has to say.

Sasha oversleeps for the Deception photo shoot.  She arrives looking a bit worse for wear.  Maxie is freaking out and gets her into makeup.  Lulu and Charlotte are there as well and Charlotte goes to watch the makeup session.

Nina arrives at the photo shoot as well and gives Maxie a pep talk before taking Charlotte to the Metro Court to meet Valentine so he can take her to school.

Nina meets Jax there and tells him that she wants to find her daughter.

Willow goes to the PCPD to let Chase know that she married Michael.  After she leaves Carly arrives and indirectly thanks him for making this sacrifice so Wiley can have a better future.

After Valentine returns to the Metro Court for taking Charlotte to school he finds Laura waiting for him.  They touch base about Charlotte and Valentine asks Laura if he can be the kind of man that puts family before money and power.  Laura says it’s more important to ask himself if he wants to be that kind of man.

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