Gen-Z vs. Millennials: The Battle Continues

Along with skinny jeans and side parts, the laughing emoji is now officially uncool. Keep reading to see how the Internet is reacting to the latest development in the Gen-Z vs. millennials feud.

The battle of the generations, or should I say, between generations, is currently unfolding in front of our very eyes. In case you missed it, Gen-Z has been waging a full-on attack against their older counterparts, deeming staples of millennial culture cringey and uncool. In recent weeks, the youngest generation has dethroned side parts and skinny jeans, and now, they have gone after the beloved laugh-cry emoji. You heard me right – the millennial go-to is officially lame and has been replaced with the skull. To make matters worse, according to today’s youth, using the symbol makes you look as old as your boomer parents. Ouch.

However, while some were taken aback by the assaults, most found the humor in the situation. Here are some of our favorite responses to the latest generational feud.



Some people are even happy that skinny jeans are out.



This user is threatening to go back to “xD” … Gen Z-ers, we might have to rethink this battle. Millennials are bringing out the big guns.






Some “zillenials,” a person born on the cusp of the two generations, shared their thoughts on the situation.



Internet personality Colleen Ballinger reminded us of what is really important during these trying times – that we never bring back low-rise jeans.


During this culture war, it is important to remember that this online banter is just that – harmless Internet jokes that should not be taken too literally. And for anyone who wants to continue rocking skinny jeans and middle parts, we still love you.

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