Friend or Foe? – S2 E3 & 4 ‘Kidding’ Recap & Review

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Jim Carrey’s back in a big way! Or is he Mr. Pickles? Let’s find out on Kidding! The dramedy and dichotomy of Mr Pickles on camera and private life will be guiding us through the show, and what better way to enjoy it than to talk about it weekly? With the KIDDING AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, our panelists discuss the newest episodes each week and break down their opinions on the plot points, predictions, and talk to special guests. Tune in each week for news and gossip and more! Subscribe, share, like, comment, and rate to stay up to date on all things Kidding!

Episode Recap

Episode 3 was slower, but full of drama. Seb is no longer Jeff’s manager and showrunner, Deidre is officially beginning the divorce process and it doesn’t seem like it will be the easiest, and Jeff is trying to figure out how he’ll reconnect with his audience of “friends.” Jeff comes up with an idea to make a Mr. Pickles doll that listens….yikes. Jeff and Seb continue to battle over the rights for the business, even while Jill tries to serve Jeff divorce papers.

Episode 4 

Episode 4 questions who Jeff’s true friends are…and who he needs to let go of. Jeff tries to mend his relationship with Peter, and they bond over “sipping drugs” as they take marijuana in the form of tea to ease their pain from the surgery. Meanwhile, he has to make the tough decision to sign his divorce papers from Jill. Deidre and Scott endure a painful divorce mediation that leads to her losing almost all of her intellectual property. And finally, a long lost character becomes a close confidante for Jeff…the Croatian version of Mr. Pickles, Josip.

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