Frankie Rodriguez Breaks Barriers as One of First Gay Couples On High School Musical

Frankie A. Rodriguez is so proud of being able to represent both the Gay community and Latin community through his character, Carlos, on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

With the big scene on episode 5: “Homecoming,” which aired on December 6, 2019, we see a relationship blossom between Seb and Carlos in which Disney promotes the reality of gay couples in today’s world. This defined the beginning of this new relationship as Carlos asked Seb to homecoming. This was one of the first times where Disney showcased a gay couple in live-action form and not animated.

Rodriguez guested on AfterBuzz TV’s High School Musical After Show Tuesday and was asked about having this opportunity to represent the gay community.

“Obviously it feels so familiar to me because I am gay and I am Latin so I was just like, well that’s kinda like a double whammy but to share this story, this specific story that I feel isn’t really told very often,” said Rodriguez. “It’s just great and in the world of High School Musical, um, something that I’m a fan of, so it’s, it’s the best”

With Disney being such a huge part of our lives and with the success of Disney+, this has created so much opportunity for people like Rodriguez to represent who they are and what they stand for.

In addition, he is also representing the Latin community.

“Don’t you get excited when you see, like, a Latin on television. You’re like, ‘oh my God. Oh my god,’” emphasized Rodriguez.

Credit: Disney

Not only has Frankie been able to have iconic moments in this series with this new relationship but also due to his background in theatre he has been a shining star and has had unforgettable dance routines in this show.

When asked what is next for Rodriguez he stated, “I feel like I should have, like, my fashion line out or like, you know, like my nail polish or something, um, uh, but coming up I have an episode of Will & Grace coming out so I’m so excited, that was like so surreal. I was like, ‘ugh I can’t wait!’”

You can continue to watch more of Frankie on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series every Friday on Disney +.

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