Fran Fine’s Finest Fits On ‘The Nanny’

We list our favorite Fran Fine outfit for every season of 90s classic The Nanny, out of 664 total outfits worn by the lady in red. 

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Posted On: July 10th, 2021 2:00 pm pst

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Best Outfits

Credit: CBS

HBO max dropped all of CBS hit show The Nanny earlier this year. The show first premiered 27 years ago in 1994. It’s comic timing, epic will-they/won’t-they romance and iconic fashion managed to make it a mainstay in the sitcom hall of fame all these years!

Fran’s style on the show drew particular attention and applause during its original run and is now inspiring renewed interest. Her wardrobe is still considered one of the most iconic in television history. The designer outfits on the show might seem outrageous for a her on screen profession and was made into several punchlines on the show; even so, her outfits are enviable even by today’s constantly changing fashionscape, a testament to her evergreen style. There are numerous youtube videos, blogs and instagram pages dedicated solely to Fran Fine fashion.

It is difficult to choose the best of Fran’s outfits, after all there are 664! However, we tried our best to round up our favorite for every season!

Season 1

The show’s first season saw Fran wearing over a hundred outfits, several of which were skirt suits and numerous dazzling numbers. One of her most memorable outfits was this 93/94 Todd Oldham dress that Fran wore to her employer Maxwell Sheffield’s broadway premier. The dress is vibrant, fitting and looks extremely flattering on Fran. The colorful sequin are very characteristic of her own personality. We love to see Fran in sequins and she wears tons of them and Todd Oldhams styles throughout the series, but this by far remains our favourite.

The extravagance of this dress makes it eye-catching. Oldham’s creative eye and Fran’s style of carrying it adds ample sophistication and a whole lot of sex appeal to it.

Season 2

The all white allure, the fit and the panache of Fran’s Basic Instinct outfit makes this one outfit our top pick for season 2. Fran in this episode accidentally gets arrested and does an adorable albeit funny parody of Sharon Stone’s famous scene. The heels and the faux fur make a powerful addition to the the form fitting white turtleneck. We also see Fran sport a subdued bun instead of her normal pouffy hair. While Fran loves prints and color blocking, we also see her sporting a lot of monochrome. This one sure takes the cake.

Season 3

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Fran goes on a date with a suspected mobster in this breathtaking Herve Leger dress. This enviable little black dress still appears here and there whenever the trend resurfaces. Her red heart purse makes this outfit a 10/10 in our books. Herve Leger’s signature tight fit makes Fran look ravishing. The simplicity yet raw sensuality of this outfit will make sure this outfit never goes out of style, much like Fran herself.

Season 4

This Fendi outfit from episode 4 is daring but Fran being herself, manages to make it look fantastic. She sports this pair at an auction where she is offering her nanny services. While this isn’t a signature Fran Fine style, we love to see her branching out and experimenting with her clothes, and pulling it off this well. This outfit makes her look sexy yet graceful (curtesy of the stole). The lavender complements her surroundings and the texture of the clothes feel luxurious. Fran is known for coordinated skirt suits but this style sure cements itself in the show and our hearts.

Season 5

This season five outfit might be Fran’s most experimental. While this candywrapper dress is not for everyone, there is no denying that Fran makes it look like it was made for her. Style is never just about the clothes but also the people who wear it. Fran carries it in such a way that the dress seems instantly trendy. Her knack for wearing eye-catching clothes is exemplified by this one. We see ‘s innovative pattern which the nanny wears with confidence and class.

Season 6

Season 6 saw lots of co-ordinated fits but this Moschino one is our favorite. It might have something to do with the fact that this was Fran Fine’s final fashion serve to the world. The last outfit of the series, this delightfully elegant skirt suit paired with the matching hat reminds us that this show will always be a one that would inspire looks and outfits for years to come. Fran reminds us that while she can look amazing in fitted candywrapper dresses, she can manage a sophisticated outfit just as well. The red in the outfit makes it a total standout, like all others.

Honorable Mentions:

The lady in Red, Season 1

Perhaps the most memorable outfit of this series is this season one episode one look cemented Fran as our resident fashionista. The theme song lyrics “the lady in red while every body else is wearing tan” refers to this very moment. It is here that we know that Fran will be the standout fashion icon we will adore.

Blue Byblos Jacket, Season 2

This blue Byblos jacket paired with the adorable skirt is an example of Fran’s attention to detail and her well put together outfits. While matching skirt suits are her forte, we love to see her sporting this subtle contrast. The pastel colors still manage to draw us in while adding softness to the look.

Moschino skirt, Season 3

Red is Fran’s color and this red turtleneck along with the moschino skirt is one of her iconic looks. When she appears wearing this at Maxwell’s office, we know the look is here to stay. The style is reminiscent of the 60s and the pairing is so chic yet so simple. This outfit will never not look good.

Fran is versatile, beautiful, elegant, sexy and bold all at the same time. She can wear faux fur with just as much ease as vinyl and prints. While she has a specific style, she does not mind stepping out of her bubble every now and then and feeling herself in newer territories. The lady in red, Miss Fine, will never go out of style.

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