Former Big Brother Contestants Weigh In On Finale Night

Some of your favorite Big Brother contestants have nothing but love for new found winner Cody Calafiore.  Check out tweets about Cody’s big win from Paulie Calafiore, Rachel Swindler, Jozea Flores, Dan Gheesling, and more!

Another season of Big Brother has come and gone and I have to give a big congratulations to Cody Calafiore for winning the entire game!

Not only was he the winner of Big Brother All-Stars, but he picked up all 9 jury votes, which is an impressive feat on its own.

It seems like past Big Brother contestants couldn’t be happier for Cody as well. Here are some of the top tweets of their reactions to Wednesday night’s finale.

Paulie Calafiore

Cody’s literal big brother Paulie Calafiore couldn’t be happier for the new winner. Throughout the season the former Big Brother 18 contestant showed his love and support for Cody all over social media; and even predicted that Cody would win the entire game.

During this season Cody learned that his grandfather passed away. Paulie tweeted a touching throwback picture calling Cody THE GOAT with the hashtag For Pop Pop.

Dan Gheesling

Big Brother 14 winner Dan Gheesling, who was the first person to win Big Brother by a unanimous vote couldn’t be happier for the newfound champ.

Jozea Flores

The Big Brother 18 player had nothing but kind words for Cody, as he sent his love out to the new winner and his entire family.

Rachel Swindler

Big Brother 20 contestant and fellow AfterBuzzer Rachel Swindler could not be happier for Cody, she tweeted her congratulations to the new found champ.

Josh Martinez

Cody and Enzo weren’t the only ones to walk away with money. Da’Vonne Rogers was crowned America’s Favorite Houseguests and walked away with $25,000.

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez is known for keeping the positive vibes on social media, and had nothing but kind words for Da’Vonne, Cody, and the rest of the All-Star cast.

Natalie Negrotti

Even before Cody was crowned the winner of All-Stars, Natalie Negrotti was rooting for the champ to take home that cash prize.

Derrick Levasseur

Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur couldn’t be happier for Cody, and even decided to remind the fans why Cody deserved this season’s W.

Andy Herren

After Cody’s victory It seems like Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren has the itch to play the game again.

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