Force Majeure Season 1 Episode 8 ‘Messiah’ Review & Recap

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Is Jesus Risen? Find out with us on the AFTERBUZZ TV MESSIAH AFTERSHOW, where we’ll be analyzing and exploring the first season of Netflix’s new series, MESSIAH, following the world’s reaction to a man claiming to be the return of ‘Isa (Jesus). How would the modern world react to a potential miracle worker? Join us as we discuss and analyze the series, characters, and more!

Episode Recap

Al-Mesih meets with the President of the United States to ask him to withdraw all trooops from around the world to help incite peace. Will Mathers has a change of heart and decided to quit his mission with Eva. Jibril begins to be groomed for his new activist role. Flix begins to have even more second thoughts if Al-Mesih is part of the second coming and is overcome with greed. In addition to his doubts, he is confronted with his daughter admitting to him that she had an abortion and his wife helped hide it. Al-Mesih is also revealed to have NOT disappeared from jail, but was actually let out by the prison guard. Anna confronts Al-Mesih about his interest in her daughter, Rebecca, and his intentions. We also see the US involvement behind trying to get rid of Al-Mesih.

  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Tatiana Mariesa @TatianaMariesa and Ebone Chatman @EboneChatman12

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