Flashbacks from the Past – S1 E6 & E7 ‘Home Before Dark’ Recap & Review

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Some cold cases are better left cold. Others are re-opened and a TV series is made about them! This is the latter! Join us on the Home Before Dark AfterBuzz TV After Show where we’ll be discussing Apple TV’s series and diving into the grit and dirty of it. From plot discussions and scene breakdowns, to theories and more. Join us here each week! Subscribe and leave a comment and rating to let us know what you think!

The episode begins with Bridget, Izzy and Hilde walking on a dark and desolate road. As the girls run, mom, Bridget finds herself running towards a van where the girls have disappeared. Similar to the night Richie was kidnapped, am I right? Awoken to a nightmare Bridget lays next to Matt as his father approaches the room yelling, “Get out of my bed”. If that’s not strange enough, we find out that Kim Collins and Frank Briggs Jr. have some sort of “friends with benefit” relationship. Is this Kim’s way of getting over Matt?? Hilde continues her search into the disappearance of Richie and poses the question, “Who is the man with the ‘Sinner’ tattoo?” that her papa mentions in his notes. As Frank Jr. begins to doubt whether or not Sam is responsible for Richie’s disappearance, he thinks it’s best that he and Sam go on a trip down memory lane and recall everything that happened with Sam that night. But plans take a turn when Frank’s dad, Sheriff Briggs finds Frank at the the Gillis’ home and Sam escapes. In the following episode, Izzy and Hilde go to the dance when trouble breaks out after “Mean Girl” Jessica decides it’s a good idea to pick on little Hilde. Of course, Izzy doesn’t allow that and the two girls go head-to-head. This fight causes Izzy to go off on Hilde, wishing she’d disappear and well let’s just say that happens. Hilde finds Sam in the woods as she begins to get answers to questions she’s been dying to ask him, ultimately leading into a man hunt for Sam and missing Hilde. The search ends with Sam on top of a plane, Matt finding Hilde and Frank standing up against Sheriff and the squad. Could this search possibly put a halt on the investigation? Tune in next week to find out. Todays Show was hosted by: LaToya Blakely, Kelsey Meyer, and Shyntel DelAguila

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