Five Things We’re Hoping For From ‘All American’ Season 5!

Season 5 of All American premieres on October 10th on The CW, and we have countless questions about what might happen. So much was left unsaid, and we’re expecting them to be answered this season!

The Record Label 

We all know Layla Keating has been working tremendously hard on growing her record label. She worked with Coop, Patience, and Sabine, and continues to expand with more music artists. In the last episode of Season 4, “Champagne Glasses”, Layla’s father, JP Keating decides he is retiring and ready to “hand over the day to day operations of [his] label”. Assuming it was going to be given to her, Layla got excited, thinking he would be the one to take over and merge her sound with her fathers. “I’m not going to let you down,” she says to her father. 

We then find out he isn’t giving his label to Layla, he’s actually handing it to Clay because he reminds him of how he was back in the day. 

Layla and Clay obviously aren’t on the best terms right now given that they had something going on between them for a little while and it didn’t necessarily work out for the two. What do we think is going to happen now that Clay is so linked to the family now professionally? This definitely puts tension on Layla, Clay, and Layla’s dad– will the labels be in complete competition for certain artists? We want to know more! 

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What is happening with Wade and Coach Garret?

Wade Waters, Spencer and Jordan’s college football teammate, has been hazing Olivia Baker (Liv). He also called the SWAT team on the friend group when they had a get together at their beach house. Wade finally got caught and was arrested, but then got out on bail. He realizes that he’s now in deep trouble, and has secrets that are about to be exposed. We all assume that coach Garret knows about his past, in which Wade bullied someone so bad to the point that he tried to commit suicide. Olivia has a bad gut feeling about Coach Garret as well, figuring that he is also hiding something due to the fact that the information Liv found about Wade was pretty easy to find. Especially given that if you are a D1 football player, there should have been a full background check, right? Wade tells Liv he has information on Coach Garret and he “has the receipts…has nothing left to lose, and if [he’s] going down in flames, it’s not going to be alone.”

Now we are all wondering why Coach Garret is so adamant about covering for Wade? What does a college boy have on an administrator at the school? 


Spencer and Olivia

Spencer and Olivia are one of our favorite couples on the show. It took a little while for the couple’s relationship to develop. We’ve now seen them grow and love each other, as they have become fan favorites. Towards the end of Season 4, they were having some complications within their relationship; constantly fighting, specifically, the root cause being the different career paths they are choosing to take in life. Liv, an aspiring journalist, is finding out more and more information about the people on Spencer’s team, whether that be his teammates, or now even his coach. Spencer just got a starting position on the team, and now Olivia is breaking a news story on his coach. This becomes complicated for Spencer and puts him in an awkward position, but also a journalist never gives up a great breaking news story. She had already given up a big story that had to do with Wade, now here she is having to make this decision, yet again. They obviously love each other, but their career paths are pulling them apart. “This is my future Liv”, Spencer tells her. Liv responds by saying “And Mine”. Do we think they are going to make their relationship work? Will they break up? 

Grace James and D’Angelo Carter

Here comes the bride… All dressed in white! Grace James and D’Angelo Carter are getting married! It is just so thrilling to see Grace happy with her significant other. She is a single mother with two kids and a very hard worker. She deserves to be happy. Her sons Spencer and Dillon are excited for the two, as they said they “signed off on [Carter] a long time ago”. Grace will now be moving to Oakland with D’Angelo. Do we think Dillon will be moving with them? We have had Grace here for so long to give such good advice, as the parents in this show are so prominent. Hopefully, we still see more of the couple this upcoming season.

Jordan Baker and Layla Keating 

And sparks fly! Jordan and Layla’s lips lock at the end of the season 4 finale. The best friends clearly have feelings for each other which have now been spoken about. Layla and Jordan are very close friends, and Layla doesn’t want to jeopardize that…but the flirtatious friends can’t hold their feelings back forever. Jordan is determined to be with Layla, he says he will wait for her and that it will be fun to watch her try to resist him. We are eager to see what the outcome of this relationship is! Is it better to risk it all for love, or play it safe in the friend zone and never score?

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