Five of our Favorite ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Friendships!

Many friendships were made throughout the 19 seasons so far, but let’s talk about some of our favorites including Christina Yang, Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Jo Wilson, Atticus Lincoln, and more!

Christina Yang and Merideth Grey

Christina and Merideth became best friends right away in the series; and not just best friends, but soul sisters. They refer to each other as many things– “my person”, “my soulmate”, “my family”- Even when the two had significant others, their bond never broke. “Derek may be the love of my life, but you’re my soulmate,” Merideth says to Christina in Season 10 Episode 24. The moments include their deep talks … but at the same time, their “dance it out” moments have us all feeling the love they have for each other. This type of friendship is the friendship we all want, and once you have it you immediately know you found your person. Someone to be there when you need to cry, someone to laugh with, someone to be your confidant.


TRIO! – Merideth Grey, Alex Karev, and Christina Yang

They say three’s a crowd, these surgeons are three peas in a pod. Meredith, Alex, and Christina went through hell and back together throughout the numerous seasons. The trio even all lived together at Meredith’s house at one point in time. From interns to residents to attendings– they stuck together through and through. They’re bond will never be broken as their platonic relationship carries and expresses how much they mean to each other and always want what is best for one another. They made mistakes, saved lives, and gave advice on relationships and life problems. The understanding that you can joke but also be serious at other times is what is important in any friendship.


Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber

Although Miranda Bailey worked under Richard Webber for a long time, their relationship was never just the ‘teacher, student’ dynamic. The two truly care about each other on a very personal level, which is the reason why some of their conflicts tend to get a bit out of hand. The two make each other stronger and push each other not only to be better surgeons but the best versions of themselves.


Jo Wilson and Atticus Lincoln (Link)

Now despite whatever happened last season with the two romantically, their friendship is one of the most heartwarming ones we have seen on the series. Jo and Link were friends in grad school, then as soon as Link started working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital you could immediately see how evident their friendship is. Distance didn’t break any part of this bond,

Whenever one of them has exciting news, they go to each other; they know how to comfort each other, and they also genuinely just want each other to succeed. 


Izzie Stevens and George O’Malley

This friendship was one we immediately took attention to. Regardless of whatever romantic feelings were there at one point, they cared for each other so deeply they couldn’t not be in each other’s lives. Izzy and George were complicated at times, but they eventually decided to rekindle their friendship because of their intense connection.

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