Five Lessons Chadwick Boseman Left For The World To Learn

Have you ever wanted to write a letter to someone who’s impacted your life? Just express your true feelings on paper? Well, AfterbuzzTV has a new series called, “Open Letter” to give staff writer Sana Moore the time to express how Chadwick Boseman has made an impact in her life.

Dear Chadwick Boseman,

My name is Sana Moore and I am a huge fan of you! You are a hero to me, my nieces, nephews, and frankly speaking everyone in the Black community. You’ve created a legacy on this earth that will never fade away.

I remember going to a late show with my friends in college to watch Black Panther. We were so excited to go watch it because it was a movie with a predominantly Black cast and director! You did such an amazing job as Black Panther, and your role inspired me to continue following my dreams. I couldn’t wait to one day meet you and hopefully work with you!

When I heard about your death, I was at my kitchen table writing my goals for the week and on the phone with one of my good friends. Once I read the notification on my phone, my mouth dropped and I ran to Google to confirm if it was true. I was heartbroken and a tear ran down my face as I read that you were battling cancer. I never knew. Many of us didn’t. know.

Even though many of us didn’t know the battles you were fighting, you taught everyone in this world valuable lessons about life. Life is hard. Life is a journey. Life is precious. Life is truly what you make it. I never got the chance to meet you, but you’ve taught me lessons I will cherish fora lifetime. Here’s a list of things you’ve taught me:

WORK HARD (you never know who is watching…it might be Denzel Washington)

Love will always win

Go after EVERYTHING you want in this lifetime…the world is yours

Hold yourself to a high standard


“Purpose crosses disciplines. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history,” you said in your commencement speech at Howard University.

With love and warmth,

Sana Moore

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