Five Celebrities Who Are In The Cannabis Business

Seth Rogan’s Weed company is officially coming to California! Here are five other celebrities who have their very own cannabis brands

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Posted On: March 6th, 2021 6:13 pm pst

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Seth Rogan has some major cause to celebrate this week! His cannabis brand, Houseplant, that he and his writing partner Evan Goldberg started in 2019 is finally coming to the United States. Originally only sold in Canada, Houseplant specializes in not only cannabis but also Rogan’s love of pottery which he picked up over quarantine. In a Twitter announcement, Rogan told fans that Houseplant will have its own line of Housegoods including, “ashtrays, lighters, and YES, even ceramics.”

It is no secret that Seth Rogan is a big fan of cannabis. He has starred in multiple films about the subject including the 2008 buddy comedy Pineapple Express, named after a strain of cannabis. The This is the End star has also been a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws for years. This organization, or NORML supports the adoption of a legally controlled market for marijuana, where consumers can buy marijuana for personal use from a safe legal source. Cannabis is not only a method of relaxation, but also can be used in life saving medical practices. Rogan has made it clear in multiple interviews that he plans to use his new business in order to shine a light on cannabis reform. As for Houseplant, Rogan promises buyers that they will be selecting from a series of strains handpicked by the actor himself. The premiere strain, Pancake Ice, is being kept under wraps, but has already received its own page on the popular cannabis site Leafly.

In honor of Seth Rogan making this huge stride in his career here are five other celebrities who dipped their toes into the cannabis business.

Snoop Dog

When one thinks of cannabis the first image that pops into your mind might be that of Snoop Dogg’s face. Since the beginning of his career, the LA rapper has made cannabis an essential part of his image. So it wasn’t a big surprise to fans when in 2015 the Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper launched his own cannabis brand, Leafs By Snoop. The brand offers eight products in high end packaging including five indica dominant strains, three sativa strains, and a CBD strain. Despite already creating this incredibly popular brand, Snoop Dogg decided to take it one step further by co-founding Casa Verde Capital, a leading venture capital firm focusing exclusively on the cannabis industry and related business ventures. It was reported in December of 2020 that Casa Verde Capital recently closed in on 100 million for its second investment fund becoming one of the most profitable cannabis businesses in the world.

Jay Z

Although a new player to the cannabis business, Jay Z has already left a big impression. His business, Monogram, celebrated its December launch with a four-strain line of craft, indoor-grown cannabis flower and joints. This isn’t the first successful business venture that Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has taken part in. The billionaire rapper has a multitude of successful companies including D’Usse cognac, streaming service Tidal and entertainment firm Roc Nation. With Monogram, Carter wanted to focus on the craft of creating cannabis products and giving them the respect they deserve. In a statement to CNBC Carter said, “I created Monogram to give cannabis the respect it deserves by showcasing the tremendous hard work, time and care that go into crafting a superior smoke.” One of the company’s biggest selling points is their OG Handroll,” a 1.5-gram joint rolled by “highly trained artisans,” the company says. Apparently, they had spent nearly a year perfecting this technique and has often been compared to a premium cigar. If you want to try this exclusive joint then you can purchase from Monogram’s official website.

Willie Nelson

In an interview with The New York Times, Seth Rogan was proclaimed, “a smoke hound of Willie Nelson proportions.” It is safe to say that Nelson’s own venture into the cannabis business inspired Rogan. In fact, the country star is co-chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) advisory board, an organization Rogan is part of. Through NORML, Nelson has been a long time advocate for marijuana legalization. In 2015, Nelson launched what spokesman Michael Bowman called, “a culmination of (Nelson’s) vision, and his whole life.” Sold by multiple retailers Willie’s Reserve offers a variety of cannabis based products. You will definitely find one of the more varied selections among celebrity brands with Willie’s Reserve. Not only does the brand sell joints, and flower, but they also carry an assortment of vape cartridges.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley was one of the first leading advocates for marijuana legalization. After converting to the Rastafari faith in 1966, Marley fell in love with cannabis and considered it a spiritual practice in his everyday life. Due to his death in 1981 from cancer, he was never able to see the sweeping marijuana legalizations made across the world. However, Marley’s estate was able to start a cannabis brand made in the image of the No Woman, No Cry singer. Developed in conjunction with Marley’s family and the private equity firm Privateer Holdings, Marley Natural was created as the official cannabis brand of Bob Marley. The sweeping business provides cannabis based products such as flower, pre-rolls, oil cartridges, and body care products. Like Houseplant, Marley Natural also specializes in providing smoking accessories like pipes, bongs, and grinders. Many credit Marley Natural for being one of the reasons Bob Marley is still one of the top earning dead celebrities forty years after his death. Marley’s daughter and spokesperson for the company, Cedella Marley is incredibly proud of the success of the brand saying, “My dad would be so happy to see people understanding the healing power of the herb.”

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart says she could have never gotten into the cannabis business without the support and advice of her friend Snoop Dogg. The unlikely duo has been warming our hearts for years on the Emmy nominated Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. Snoop helped jump start her new business venture in a big way by connecting her to Canopy Growth in 2018. Canopy Growth which also houses Leafs By Snoop recently announced Stewart as an advisor for a new line of CBD products for people and their pets. A longtime animal lover, Stewart owns a variety of pets including most famously her Chow Chows. She said that upon discovering that CBD calms one of her more anxious dogs she wanted to develop products with this ideal. As opposed to cannabis, CBD does not provide a high, instead it seeks to soothe anxiety and aid sleep. It is highly recommended for anyone suffering muscle pain, headaches, and stomach issues. Stewart herself does not smoke cannabis often, so she finds CBD to be a perfect medium. Martha’s CBD will come in three forms: soft gels, oil drops, and gummies, which Stewart has dubbed “pâte de fruit,” like the gourmet French dessert. Martha has purported to keep a steady routine of taking CBD before bed every night. In an interview with The New York Times Stewart said she likes to put a couple droppers of the blood orange or Meyer lemon under her tongue. As Martha Stewart becomes a CBD advocate more and more households across the world are using cannabis products regularly whether that be CBD or THC.


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