Five Celebrities Who Are Getting Out The Vote

In the final days leading up to the election here are five celebrities who are have spent their time campaigning.

With election day fast approaching celebrities have taken to hitting the pavement or their social media to encourage fans to vote. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph Biden are going head to head in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Florida. Many celebrities have taken this last opportunity before election night to show their support for their chosen candidate.

Lady Gaga

One of the most active celebrities in getting out the vote is Lady Gaga. In fact, the Oscar and Grammy winner is joining former Vice President Joseph Biden as he tours the state of Pennsylvania. The east coast state is looking to be a huge deciding factor in the 2020 election as the race tightens. Gaga, a former resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania posted a photo of her and the Presidential hopeful embracing.

She also spoke about her personal connection to Pennsylvania where she used to visit her Grandmother. A Native of New York City, Lady Gaga would fly in to see her Grandmother who lived in Pittsburgh.

The two have worked together before for a good cause. In 2016, when Gaga performed her song ‘Til It Happens to You’ at the 88th Academy Awards, she was introduced by Joe Biden and was accompanied on-stage by 50 people who had suffered from sexual assault. Later on, she joined Biden’s ‘It’s On Us’ campaign as he traveled to colleges on behalf of the organization, which has seen 250,000 students from more than 530 colleges sign a pledge of solidarity and activism. This cause has always been close to Gaga’s heart as she herself is a sexual assault survivor.

This time, Gaga is going to be performing at a rally for Biden. With safety precautions in check, this will be a drive in event. However, anyone can stream it live with the rest of Pennsylvania. Gaga’s last big performance was her Chromatica medley at the VMA’s. The Pittsburgh event is another chance for Gaga to show off her newest releases.

John Legend

Another celebrity who is lending their voice to the Pennsylvania race is John Legend. The singer will perform at a drive in rally for Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris in Philadelphia. Also joining will be Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff. Legend lived in Philadelphia for four years while attending the University of Pennsylvania. The Oscar and Grammy award winner went to the same university as the President he is campaigning against, although they attended during different years.

A Democrat, Legend has been a critic of the Trump Presidency since its inception in 2016. He has used his social media to encourage followers to vote and has even called out the President on Twitter.

Supporting Legend for his Monday night performance is his wife of seven years Chrissy Teigen. Despite suffering the tragedy of losing a child last month, Teigen joined Legend in Philadelphia. She first posted a cryptic photo of the Philadelphia skyline asking fans to guess where she was. Upon the right answer being revealed, Chrissy informed fans that her and Legend would be coming to the rally soon.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is doing double duty at the moment. He is promoting his new album ‘Letter to You,’ but most of the time he has spent on press junkets has been dedicated to getting out the vote. While ‘Letter to You’ makes Billboard chart history, Springsteen recently narrated a campaign ad for Joe Biden’s hometown Scranton, Pennsylvania. In the background, Springsteen’s song ‘My Hometown’ is used.


Springsteen isn’t the only celebrity to lend their voice and music to a Biden campaign ad. Eminem has employed one of his most popular songs, ‘Lose Yourself’ to the advertisement by imploring voters that they only have, “One opportunity…” The Oscar winning song is paired with black and white images of masked Americans preparing to vote.

Unlike many other celebrities you might see campaigning this year, Eminem has always been open about his political leanings and voting status. As early as 2004, Eminem criticized the George Bush administration and the Iraq war. Later on, in 2008 and 2012 he endorsed Barack Obama as President saying, “Obama is giving people hope.” It is no surprise that Eminem would lend his enthusiasm to the 2020 election as well.

Chris Evans

Beside posting pictures of his adorable dog, Dodger, Chris Evans has been using his voice to increase voting. While talking with Jimmy Kimmel, Evans discussed his website ‘A Starting Point,’ which is meant to help younger voters get an idea of the political landscape in the United States. Chris Evans used his starpower to attract politicians from both the Republican and Democratic parties to participate in the website. In talking to these vastly different politicians, Evans wanted to focus on the facts and truth.

In another video posted to Evan’s Instagram, he gives more context to ‘A Starting Point.’ Initially confused himself, Chris Evans, navigated how to gain politicians trust and spread awareness. The website is not only used to help people to register to vote, but also to educate them on the issues that their local representatives stand for. People like Chris Evans are the reason voter turnout is at an all time high in 2020.

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