First Same-Sex Couple + Michael & Juliana Adopting | 90 Day Fiancè News Weekly

What are Michael & Juliana doing to rescue her family from Brazil? Why is Tim screaming at Dean to “f*** off” in his latest Instagram video?? Join the conversation LIVE as we cover the week’s hottest 90 Day Fiancè news headlines! Share your thoughts on the franchise’s first ever same-sex couple Stephanie & Erika, the Before the 90 Days season 4 trailer, Michael lashing out at TLC, Tania’s big slip up on she and Syngin’s marital status, Mursel lying to parents about Anna’s kids again, Evelin’s claims that she & Corey have been filming together, Ashley’s fight with a Jersey Shore star, Jasmin declaring her storyline and conversations were scripted, & much more! Chime in the live chat for a shoutout on 90 Day Fiancè News Weekly!

90 Day Fiancé has become such a phenomenon, there’s no way we wouldn’t jump on board and get hooked!

Luckily we’ve put a whole team behind this great series in the form of after shows for all spin-offs as well as daily short-form news and a weekly long-form news show!


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