Find Love Live S1 E3 Recap & After Show: Foot Fetish?

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Dating online has been taken to a whole new level! on the FIND LOVE LIVE AFTER SHOW we will break down each person and their potential suitors. As well as bringing you news and gossip and insights from our panel on this mini series dating adventure.

The popular quarantine dating show continues with this 3 rd and final episode for season 1, as host Suki navigates 2 sets of eligible singles through a rapid round of questioning. The first set of singles starts with a lot of trash talking by bachelor Rob aimed at his two competitors, Marcus and Ryan all vying for a virtual date with attractive beauty queen Jessica. Jessica ups the ante by having all 3 guys showing her their feet, with unpredictable results by adding a 4 th bachelor Otis who wins out! The 2 nd group of consisting of eligible bachelor Veeral a Wall Street Investor, who immediately makes if clear he’s looking for no less than a baby’s momma, which doesn’t quite go over well with the 3 bachelorettes: Kathleen, Valeigh, and Jeffri. Jeffri quickly eliminates herself by being too confident, and Kathleen’s fart answers make her come across like the airhead she said she could sometimes be! The winner and safe bet Valeigh! We also get an update on the date between 90-Day Fiancée’s Jesse and learn his first date progressed nicely with a 2 nd date planned.
The show has been renewed for season 2! Hosts: Mike Thieling, ReGina Coles and Nate Harris

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