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General Hospital is about the wealthy Quartermaine family that continues to be a looming presence in the town of Port Charles, with interests in much of the city’s business. Characters come and go, but viewers can always count on at least one Quartermaine or Spencer to create havoc.

Episode Recap

  • Macie decides she’s had enough of being overlooked at Crimson by Nina.  After all the hard work and times she has covered for Nina, Maxie wants a raise her title to reflect her effort. Nina agrees with Maxie but Jax sours those plans when he tells Nina that he can’t give her the money for Maxie because of their romantic relationship.  It could be seen as favoritism if he gives her money and no other division money as well.  Nina has to break to break the bad news to Maxie, who doesn’t take it well.  Remembering the offer that Lucy made to her about joining Deception, Maxie quotes Crimson only to find out that Lucy doesn’t have the finances to bring her on yet.  That is until Lucy makes a deal with Valentine to be a partner.  With money secured, Maxie gets an official offer.Nelle gets her first visit to Wiley.  Michael
    isn’t thrilled with this and quickly calls Chase over to help keep an eye on Nelle.  Nelle leaves with a selfie she took with Wiley and immediately heads to Carly to rub it in her face.  Carly doesn’t take the bait.

    Sasha suggests that Michael should marry Willow because she would be a great mother to Wiley in the eye of the court.  Chase is against it, Michael rejects the idea as well and Willow shows some willingness to do it before saying “no.”  Sasha and Carly talk later and Sasha tells her idea.  Carly is impressed with Sasha and thinks it’s a great plan. Now Sasha just has to convince Michael.

    Harmony shows up at Brando’s new garage with a new car that may be having some problems.  Jason is at the garage as well and notices how
    nervous Harmony is around him.  He shares his concerns with Willow who tells him she is concerned as well.  Sonny tells Jason to keep an eye on this.

    Cameron and Trina share a first kiss while taking about dealing with their kidnapping and Taggert dying.  Neither of them share with Joselyn what happened.

    Curtis and Portia meet and Curtis asks if he is Trina’s father.  Portia says he isn’t.  Trina then shows up and blows up at him again.

    Jordan continues to find TJ on her own.  Sam, thanks to Spinelli, was able to locate TJ’s phone.  Jordan goes to the location by herself and finds only the phone.  Harmony arrives and says that TJ is moves and that Cyrus needs her to move patrols that night if she wants to see her son again.  Jordan calls Mac and has him move the officers.

    Brook Lynn starts her job at ELQ and accidentally posts a confidential contract on Facebook.  Lulu sees this and , against Maxie’s advice, decides to write a story about ELQ’s pending merger which throws the whole deal into chaos.  Brook Lynn goes to confront Lulu at the Metro Court where there are plenty of heated words from both women.  They start to fight, smashing tables glasses.  Valentine is at the Metro Court as well and records the whole fight.  It ends when Chase and the PCPD arrive.  Brook Lynn accidentally hits Chase in the nose and is arrested.

    Anna tried to convince Jason to see the good in Peter.  Jason says he can’t.  Spinelli is worried about the upcoming engagement of Maxie and Peter and Robert asks Finn to keep an eye on Peter.

    Frank Moran (@happygojackie) Carla Renata (@TheCurvyCritic)

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