Felix Comes Under Fire and Ramon’s Explosion Kills El Chapo’s Dreams – S2 E5 ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Recap & Review

If you loved Narcos, you’re going to love the spinoff Narcos: Mexico! Our hosts will break down all the episodes, diving into the world of DEA agents, drug cartel, and drama! The AfterBuzz TV NARCOS: MEXICO AFTERSHOW will be here for every episode with special segments and predictions of what’s to come!

When in Panama to meet with Guerra, in the hopes of betraying the Colombians, Felix realizes Guerra never showed. Instead, Felix is met by Pacho Herrara who directly tells him Pacho’s working with Guerra and not Felix. In a moment of panic, Felix agrees to a shipment of 65,000 kilos of cocaine.

Breslin and the other DEA agents discover El Chapo’s tunnel. Calderoni realizes it will be better to have two families fight than go in and bust them. After the Felix family finds out about the tunnel, Ramon goes in and blows up what El Chapo has built, and then Ramon kills the remaining survivors. El Chapo happens to escape.

Felix returns home to discover the next president of Mexico is a supporter of Guerra. Then, someone tries to shoot and kill him.Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Rachel Goodman, Rob Styles, and Liz Pena

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