Favorite Celebrity Friendships!

Celebrity friendships tend to come and go quickly in Hollywood, however, there are still plenty that have lasted throughout the years. Here are a few of our favorites!

When celebrities become friends outside of their work, fans go crazy. There’s nothing we love more than to see our favorite stars link up off-screen and create even more content for us to enjoy whether that’s a simple Instagram post or TikTok together. Here are a few iconic celebrity friendships that people look up to!

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

These two have been friends since Jimmy’s days on SNL, and this friendship is definitely a fan favorite! When they come together whether on SNL or on The Tonight Show, there’s nothing but laughter. Their banter and constant joking back and forth really show how close these two are. There’s never a dull moment with them that’s for sure!

Gabrielle Union & Regina King

This friendship is one that many people may not know about, but these two women are super supportive of each other. King actually saved Union from a riptide when they were vacationing in Bermuda together and for that, she’s incredibly grateful to her. They always have kind words to share about the other and clearly demonstrate what a strong friendship looks like!

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Sofia Vergara & Reese Witherspoon

These two amazing actresses became friends on the set of the movie Hot Pursuit. Ever since then, they love to spend time together traveling and even hanging out with each other’s families. It’s always fun to see co-stars become BFFs in real life and that’s exactly what happened with Sofia and Reese. Whether it’s on-screen or off, these two always have each other’s backs and are totally friendship goals!

Kevin Hart & Dwayne Johnson

It’s no secret that this is one of the best friendships in Hollywood and it will always make fans happy. This pair grew close while filming Jumanji and ever since then they’ve stayed best friends. Any interview they do is always super fun to watch because they are hilarious together. Aside from their jokes, these two are always supporting each other in any project they do and truly just have so much love for each other.

Salma Hayek & Penélope Cruz

This friendship blossomed when Cruz visited Los Angeles for the first time and Hayek picked her up at the airport and had her stay at her house. Ever since then, the two have become almost like sisters. Cruz didn’t know anyone in the United States at the time and Hayek took her in and made her feel at home. Luckily their journey didn’t end there as this friendship has grown stronger over time and the two still remain, great friends, today!

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